Health Food Company Launch Line of Vegan ‘Nuggets’ Which are 90% Protein

DuPont Nutrition & Health has recently added three new products to its high protein, plant-based nugget product line. While the word ‘nugget’ may conjure up images of a meaty product, these nuggets are instead neutral flavored, crunchy little bits that are perfect for use in cereals, nutrition bars, and other snacks. These nuggets are made from soy and will be made available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures.

Jean Heggie, the strategic marketing lead for DuPont Nutrition & Health, told Food Dive, “Consumers want products with simple ingredient statements and high protein.” They continued, “These new additions to our nugget portfolio deliver on those promises while providing excellent taste, crunchy texture and strong visual appeal in nutrition bars, cereals and a range of healthy snacks.”

The three new nuggets are called: Supro Nuggets 580, Supro Nuggets 583, and Supro Nuggets 585. Each has a different shape and texture.

It’s worth noting that DuPont is not itself a plant-based company. In fact, much of their portfolio is in meat, meat production, and general food protection. However, they are smart to follow both the growing demand for protein and, specifically, the increase in demand for alternative, plant-based protein. The numbers and things like Tyson buying a stake in Beyond Meat don’t lie. Plant-based foods are growing in popularity and accessibility every day.

More and more these days, vegan brands are going out of their way to show consumers that plant-based foods don’t, in fact, lack protein.