7 Vegan Nutritional Supplement Brands to Try In 2020

According to a recent Harris Poll, 86 percent of Americans regularly take vitamins and supplements. In the UK, research from 2016 revealed that 46 percent of Brits do the same. The market is now a multibillion-dollar industry. With so many options available, how do you know which is right for you?

First, you might want to take a close scan of the packet. Some supplements can include toxic ingredients. Synthetic supplements, for example, are created using chemical compounds. Base chemicals can include nicotine and alloxal. Some vitamins also contain additives for color and taste. They can also contain sneaky animal ingredients, like gelatin — derived from the bones and skin from cattle, and other animals like chickens — and lanolin, a wax that comes from wool-bearing animals.

Research the brand before you buy and look for whole-food ingredients. Always consult with your doctor before taking a new vitamin or supplement.

7 Vegan Nutritional Supplement Brands to Try in 2020

Looking for a vegan supplement to try? Here are seven nutritional supplement brands making it easy to stay healthy without animal ingredients.  


Future Kind’s Essential Vegan Multivitamin includes Omega 3, B12, and D3.

1. Future Kind

Research has shown that following a whole food plant-based diet is one of the healthiest diets. It may reduce the risk of a number of diseases and health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer.

If you eat a wide variety of vegan food — including nuts, beans, seeds, fruits, and veggies — there aren’t many nutrients you’ll be lacking. This is why Future Kind’s vegan multivitamins only include the “essentials:” vitamin B12, vitamin D3, and omega-3– supplements hard to find on most diets.

According to the brand — founded by brothers Eliot and Shaun Cunningham — these three vitamins will fill the holes in any diet, helping to fight fatigue, improve mood, and enhance concentration.

Brothers Eliot and Shaun Cunningham founded Future Kind.

Holistic cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn says the multivitamin — which is the first of its kind — is the “answer to any critique of the nutritional value of a whole food plant diet.” Dieticians and athletes have also praised the brothers’ innovative new product. Registered dietician Whitney English RD said it “takes the guesswork out of ensuring you’re getting what you need.”

Future Kind isn’t just thinking about bodies, but it’s thinking about the planet and the animals, too.

All of the bottles are made with 100 percent recyclable materials. It also donates a percentage of its profits to the vegan animal sanctuary Where Pigs Fly. To show customers where their money is going, the brand sends out symbolic animal adoption certificates after every purchase.

Where Pigs Fly rescues neglected and abused animals and helps to educate the public about its work and the vegan lifestyle through art exhibitions and school visits. So far, Future Kind has made more than 9,700 symbolic animal adoptions with Where Pigs Fly. “[Where Pigs Fly are] not only helping to solve the problem, but also prevent the problem arising in the first place,” the Cunninghams told LIVEKINDLY. “Which is exactly what we’re trying to do as a company too.”

To buy the Essential Vegan Multivitamin for yourself or to begin a subscription, see here.

Holland & Barrett provides a range of vegan vitamins.

2. Holland & Barrett

UK health food chain Holland & Barrett has a wide range of vegan supplements on offer, including Vegan Multivitamins & Minerals, which contain vitamin D and vitamin B12, as well as calcium, iron, and folic acid. If you just want to up your intake of a single nutrient, the chain has a multitude of options, including Mushroom Vegan Vitamin D capsules, vitamin C with rosehip, and soya isoflavones.

Abundant Earth’s vitamins provide people with “all-natural” support.

3. Abundant Earth

Abundant Earth is about helping people find peace within their bodies. The brand’s supplements provide “all-natural support” for people suffering from stress, fatigue, and sleep deprivation. It notes on its website, “we believe in plants as physical medicine, and nature as mental remedy.” Its Whole Food Multivitamin contains 32 organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics, turmeric, vegan omega 3 and 6, and digestive enzymes.

GO Healthy is the leading supplement brand in New Zealand.

4. GO Healthy

GO Healthy is the leading supplement brand in New Zealand. It offers a range of vegan supplements, all of which are designed to help improve energy, sleep,  nervous system, and joint function. To make sure you get the right supplement for you and your family, the brand offers a Personal Solution service. A series of questions about your lifestyle, including whether you’re a vegan, help determine the best supplement for you. If you need more energy, for example, the brand recommends vegan iron supplements, as well as adrenal support, and the vitamin B complex.


DEVA caters to everyone, including expectant mothers.

 5. DEVA

All of DEVA’s vitamins are completely free from animal products. It offers a wide range of options so that consumers can choose based on their individual needs. If you feel like your hair and skin need a boost, DEVA offers a vegan supplement designed specifically to help the cells responsible. If you’re pregnant, DEVA also makes a vegan prenatal multivitamin, designed to give expectant mothers everything they need to grow a healthy baby.

Ora Organic’s vegan supplements are chef-created.

6. Ora Organic 

Before Ora Organic came along, many supplement companies were “bottling cheap, synthetic chemicals in ugly and unsustainable packaging,” according to the brand’s website. But the company decided to flip the script. All of its plant-based products are chef-created, “ridiculously nutritious,” and environmentally-friendly. It provides a range of different products, depending on individual needs. Its vegan supplements can help with everything from urinary tract support to gut health. It even supplies vegan beauty vitamins, to help with skin, hair, and nails.


Alicia Silverstone helped create Mykind Organics.

7. Mykind Organics by Garden of Life

Garden of Life doesn’t believe in creating supplements with synthetic ingredients. Instead, the brand creates its vitamins and protein powders with “real food.” Mykind was created in collaboration with vegan actor and activist Alicia Silverstone. The line is focused on plant-based ingredients and offers products like elderberry syrup, to help with the immune system, maca root for an energy boost, and multivitamins for overall health and wellbeing.

Silverstone told LIVEKINDLY last year, “these products are so special because we source ingredients from sustainable organic farms and use a groundbreaking organic, non-GMO extraction method without the use of conventional corn alcohol or other harsh chemicals commonly used.”

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