Stock Up on the Dairy-Free Cheese at This Vegan NYC Cheese Shop
Manhattan now has a vegan cheese shop
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NYC just got its first vegan cheese shop. Brooklyn-based Riverdel opened its Manhattan location earlier this month at the Essex Street Market.

The new location features a large case of vegan cheese — including 3lb wheels specially made for the shop — which can be ordered by weight.

Riverdel stocks dairy-free cheese from established brands such as Miyoko’s, Violife, and Daiya as well as artisanal brands including Portland, Oregon’s Vtopian, upstate NY’s Cheezehound, Wendy’s Nutty Cheese, and The Frauxmagerie from Canada.

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According to Riverdel, a special menu of vegan sandwiches is available, made with artisanal cheese and plant-based deli meat. Dessert is also available.

Stock Up on 3lb Cheese Wheels at This New Vegan NYC Cheese Shop
The dairy-free cheese case at Riverdel’s new NYC location | image/Riverdel

A Passion for Animals and Cheese

The first Riverdel — located in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood — was founded by entrepreneur Michaela Grob in 2016.

“Three years ago, I quit my job and emptied my savings accounts to open Riverdel because I’m passionate about animals…and cheese,” Grob wrote on Riverdel’s crowdfunding campaign. “Opening the first store has been great. Our amazing team works so hard at bringing delicious vegan food to our neighborhood, and now we’re taking the opportunity to serve an even wider community by opening up a second location at the brand new Essex Market in Manhattan!”

As well as stocking vegan cheese from brands across the country, Riverdel also makes its own house brand and offers a wider selection of sandwiches, meatless meats, and pastries from local bakeries Pisces Rising and Brooklyn Whiskers.

“The world is a tough place, and it’s even tougher for farm animals who are often neglected and abused,” Grob continued.

Vegan in NYC

The new Riverdel shop joins a handful of NYC vegan eateries that have opened since the beginning of the year. The city was named the best place in the country for vegans and vegetarians last October, based on the volume of options in restaurants, grocery stores, meetups, and festivals.

Honeybee’s — a plant-based barbecue owned by restaurateur Ravi DeRossi — opened earlier this month in East Village. Spicy Moon, a vegan Sichuan restaurant, is another newcomer.

Riverdel’s new shop is located at the Essex Street Market at 88 Essex St. in Manhattan.

Stock Up on the Dairy-Free Cheese at This Vegan NYC Cheese Shop
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Stock Up on the Dairy-Free Cheese at This Vegan NYC Cheese Shop
NYC now has a vegan cheese shop; Riverdel opened its first Manhattan location this month, featuring three-pound dairy-free cheese wheels.
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