A Vegan Oat Milk Ice Cream Shop Is Opening in Brooklyn

A Vegan Oat Milk Ice Cream Shop Is Opening In Brooklyn

A vegan oat milk soft serve shop is coming to NYC.

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab, a woman and minority-owned cake shop based in Boston, is opening an entirely new concept in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The menu will feature oat milk ice cream — its Signature Vanilla Sweet Creme and rotating flavors — that can be customized with a variety of vegan toppings like peanut butter sauce, pretzels, waffle cone, and strawberry crumble.

There are also some pre-set mixed flavors, like the Mint Chocolate Cookie, which swirls dairy-free oat milk ice cream with vegan cookies and mint chocolate sauce. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel is vanilla soft serve with pretzels, plus peanut butter and chocolate sauce. All of the menu options are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

A Vegan Oat Milk Ice Cream Shop Is Opening in Brooklyn
Whipped Urban Dessert Lab will serve vegan oat milk soft serve in Brooklyn

Oat Milk Mania Runs Wild

Almond milk remains America’s dairy-free milk of choice, but the debut of Swedish brand Oatly sparked unmatched passion.

Oatly became notoriously difficult to find in supermarkets, including major chains like Whole Foods Market, where freezers remained bare. Some attempted to capitalize on the oat milk fervor by listing cartons of Oatly at inflated prices in the online marketplace. Other brands, such as Silk, oats giant Quaker, Leonardo DiCaprio-backed Califia Farms, Happy Planet, and dairy giant HP Hood, were quick to jump on the trend. Cold brew coffee brand Chameleon plans to launch barista oat milk this year.

Oat milk ice cream may be next. Following the opening of its New Jersey production plant, Oatly began rolling out pints of its vegan oat milk ice cream at select bodegas in New York City. It will eventually be available in Whole Foods. Premium vegan ice cream veteran So Delicious launched three oat milk flavors earlier this year. Dairy ice cream brands Hudsonville and Perry’s both also launched vegan oat milk flavors earlier this year. Van Leeuwen, which has scoop shops across Manhattan and Brooklyn, has recently featured oat-based ice cream on its seasonal menu.

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab will open up in the neighborhood’s North 3rd Street Market food hall, which is also home to the second location of casual vegan Mexican-inspired eatery, Jajaja. An opening date has not been announced, but it’s due open this summer.