Vegan Omnipork’s Flavor and Texture Wins Over Hong Kong Executive Chef

Omnipork right treat

Omnipork, a vegan pork product created by Hong Kong start-up Right Treat, is setting out to meet the demand for pork across Asia. The plant-based pork debuted at select Hong Kong restaurants earlier this month, and it is already earning a name for itself among chefs and diners for its realistic flavor and texture.

Omnipork is currently served in a few select dishes at JW Marriott’s Chinese restaurant, Man Ho, as well as at Ming Court and the Green Common’s Kind Kitchen. Jayson Tang Ka-gi, executive chef at Man Ho, created four dishes using the vegan pork that are available until July 31: deep-fried mushrooms stuffed with Omnipork meat and lotus root; soy sauce-braised stuffed king oyster mushrooms; winter melon stuffed with Omnipork and mushrooms; and baked Omnipork with yam and egg yolk, served in a pumpkin sauce.

Speaking to Omnipork’s ability to mimic traditional pork, chef Tang told the South China Morning Post“Many mock meat products are usually pretty much finished and all you can do is cook it. But with Omnipork, I was able to experiment and do many things with it, like boiling, steaming, stir-frying, deep-frying. What’s also good is that it isn’t seasoned much so you can add whatever flavors you want.”

Vegan Omnipork Wins Over Hong Kong Chefs With Realistic Flavor and Texture

Founder of Right Treat, David Yeung, said that he created Omnipork with the Asian consumer in mind. While western plant-based meat brands like Beyond Meat–of which Yeung is an investor–cater to American tastes, the Hong Kong vegan pork can be adapted in a variety of popular Asian pork dishes like dim sum, xiaolongbao, and steamed and fried patties. Because it arrives at restaurants unseasoned, Omnipork can be adapted to make vegan Hong Kong-style dishes and other classic Asian meals.

“If you want to mobilize and empower people to eat less meat, then you need to give them the tools,” said Yeung. “Asian vegetarian food is another area overlooked or overdue for innovation. We already have dishes like mock goose and meats, but Omnipork takes it to a different level.”

Additionally, Yeung revealed that since its launch, Omnipork has already attracted interest from companies in the Middle East because it is halal and kosher. When the company is ready to launch Omnipork in retail outlets in the fourth quarter of the year, the price should be on par with organic pork.

Image Credit: Right Treat