Vegan Parenting Summit Features 30 Experts on Nutrition and Childcare

A free online vegan parenting summit will take place this month to support families in their journeys of raising children on a plant-based diet.

Instagram personality Cory “Lean Green Dad” Warren is to host the plant-powered summit. “Wondering how to get your family started on a #plantbased diet? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know and all the answers to those burning questions,” Warren wrote in a caption on an Instagram video.

Of the summit, which can be viewed “from the comfort of your own home,” Warren explained, “It’s totally free, it’s a week with over 30 plant-based experts in the industry to help you and your busy plant-based family thrive.”

According to the summit’s website, the informative event will cover all the vegan parenting bases through interviews with physicians, researchers, authors, and influencers – most of whom are plant-based parents themselves. It’s intended for families who already eat plant-based, families looking to transition to veganism, and those wanting to enhance their family’s health.

The summit will address questions surrounding nutrition for children, social situations like kids birthday parties, tips for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, whether vegans need to take supplements, and how to make the journey as simple and accessible as possible.

Dr. John McDougall of the McDougall Foundation is on the speaker lineup. Jordan Woods Robinson, an actor from “The Walking Dead”, Kevin Cosmo from High Energy Parenting, and holistic cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, among other names, will also be sharing insights on how to raise happy and healthy vegan children.

The summit joins the growing global market for vegan family-focused goods and services. In May, Raise Vegan launched a monthly magazine that became the world’s first digital and print vegan parenting magazine. The publication aims to be a positive, inspirational, and helpful resource for people who already, or intend to, raise vegan children.

Also, to satisfy the high demand for vegan childcare in Brooklyn, a new preschool called The Peaceful Path Collective will soon open. It promotes compassion toward all living beings and serves a wholly plant-based menu.

The vegan parenting summit will be held from July 10th to July 16th. Those interested can watch and listen to the interviews online.