Vegan Period Pants Will Replace Your Tampons for Good

Vegan Period Pants Will Replace Your Tampons for Good

Modibodi, which makes period and leak-proof underwear, has launched a vegan range of sustainable period products.

Swapping out materials like Merino wool — obtained from one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep — Modibodi’s new animal-free underwear uses bamboo and cotton to deliver all the same benefits as its original version.

Bikini bottoms, activewear leggings, swimwear bikini sets, and one piece swimwear is available in the new cruelty-free line, catering for light, moderate, and heavy flows.

To create its environmentally friendly products, Modibodi consulted up to 100 textile engineers and fiber companies across the world and completed nearly 1,000 scientific tests. The brand’s final products include “super slim,” stain resistant lining as well as moisture-wicking, odor-fighting properties “for getting sweaty,” Modibodi writes online.

The brand promises its products will keep you clean, dry, and comfortable all day and night, offering protection and support. It also keeps your clothing free from stains.

“At Modibodi, we are modern women with a fearless take on making our ‘unmentionables’ absolutely mentionable. Being in tune with our bodies is what makes us feel comfortable, confident and fiercely ourselves,” the company writes on its website.

“We’re for women who genuinely respect their bodies on the inside as much as the impact they’re having on the outside. And that’s why Modibodi exists: to give sassy, intelligent women more freedom and flexibility at all times of the day (and month),” the brand continues.

Do Periods Impact the Planet?

Tampon disposal can have a serious impact on the planet, Bustle reports. The publication highlights that more than 45 billion products related to periods — including tampons and pads — are thrown away every year. In 2015, the Ocean Conservancy collected nearly 28,000 used tampons and applicators on beaches in a single day.

Pads are made of up to 90 percent non-recyclable materials. Bustle highlights research that suggests that using one pad is the equivalent to four plastic bags.

As well as innovative underwear, people with periods are turning toward menstrual cups to be more eco-friendly. The vegan FLEX Cup, designed to help people with disabilities and mobility limitations, is another product making it easier than ever to have a period that doesn’t harm the planet.

Image Credit: Airborne Magazine