Huge Two-Floor Vegan Pizza Restaurant to Open in London

Brighton based vegan pizza restaurant, Purezza, has announced that they will be opening a second location in London!

The new site will be just two minutes away from Camden Town Tube Station and will be absolutely massive, capable of seating 100 guests over two floors. The pizzeria will offer a wide range of vegan food including vegan meat and cheese pizzas, burgers, raw food, and pasta. The restaurant offers rice-based mozzarella as standard on their pizzas but will also have a range of specialty cheeses for customers to try.

It appears this is just the first step for Purezza in terms of UK expansion with activist Fat Gay Vegan (FGV) reporting that they are currently seeking investment for their ‘aggressive‘ expansion plan.

Speaking with FGV, owner of Purezza, Stefania Evangelisti, said ‘London is a hub for both great food and innovation, meaning a London-based Purezza has always been an ambition of ours. We are at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can create with plants, and we look forward to having London join us on the journey to see where things can develop next.’

The Camden restaurant will open in February 2018 but for now, the rest of the UK will just have to wait and see.