This Vegan Cake Uses Old Mandarins and Polenta But Tastes Like Caramel

Vegan Mandarin and Polenta Cake With Dairy-Free Yogurt Frosting

For some reason, I always seem to end up with way too many mandarins this time of year. This year I got gifted a huge batch of homegrown mandarins so now my fruit draw is completely overflowing. Although I do like snacking on them, I simply have too many! It’s not a good problem to have because I really struggle with knowing what to do with mandarins. I’ve never spent so long googling for recipe ideas and it happens every year! You may actually notice that I have a good few mandarin recipes on the blog, not because mandarins are my favourite but simply because I’m always needing to find ways to use them!

Thankfully, this year I decided to try juicing mandarins. I’m not sure why but until recently I sort of believed mandarins couldn’t be juiced? Probably because I’d never seen anyone else do it. They actually juice extremely well! Even the dry ones! It’s still a little odd drinking mandarin juice but it works really well in recipes. This recipe allowed me to use up 5-6 mandarins in one hit! Yes!

I’ve gotten a few requests to do more gluten-free baking on my blog. Although I completely intend to honour those requests, I’m still a little afraid of baking and find that I stick to my tried and true wholemeal spelt flour. I love spelt flour so much in baking! It’s mild and delicious and very forgiving. This particular recipe can be a bit grainy due to the polenta but I really enjoyed the texture and I love adding different flours/grains into the mix for extra nutrition and variety. I haven’t tried but I have a feeling the recipe would work well using a gluten-free flour blend so definitely give it a go if you like!

The frosting isn’t much of a frosting really but it is very yum! Almost caramel in flavour. Enjoy!


This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel and Cacao.

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