Vegan Former WWE Professional Wrestler Austin Aries Wins New Championship in Hall of Fame Tournament

Vegan Former WWE Professional Wrestler Austin Aries Wins New Championship in Hall of Fame Tournament

Vegan professional wrestler Austin Aries has added yet another prestigious title to his growing list of championship belts. The athlete secured a major victory in the 8th Annual Impact Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Classic.

“Honored to have won the 2018 @dangablewrestlingmuseum Hall of Fame Tournament, and with it, the HOF Title belt,” Aries wrote. “All things considered, this may be the coolest belt I’ve held yet. And I think this means I’m greater than all the legends who’ve already inducted… Oh, and I’m #vegan.”

On July 21, Aries, known as “The Belt Collector” in the professional wrestling circuit due to holding multiple titles across various promotions, reigned victorious in an eight-man tournament. He defeated seven others who are considered by fans to be among the best in the business. The vegan athlete took to Instagram shortly after to announce the new addition to his collection.

The event took place at The Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo, Iowa and was hosted by the Dan Gable National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and granting recognition to the sport.

This isn’t the first of Aries’ major victories this year. The vegan wrestler has been steadily accumulating titles in national and international promotions since being released by top promotion, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Last April, he secured the top Impact Wrestling title after defeating the high-flying Matthew Sydal. He is also the current and two-time heavyweight champion for Australian promotion, WSW (World Series Wrestling).

In addition to being one of the top male wrestlers in the sport, Aries is also the author of the book “Food Fight: My Plant-Powered Journey from the Bingo Halls to Big Time” and prides himself on being able to influence positive change in his fans’ lives by tearing down the long-held stereotype that vegan men are weak.

Image Credit: Dan Gable Wrestling Hall of Fame