Vegan Protein to Surpass Demand for Organic Meat This Year

A report by Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities has concluded that the demand for vegan protein is expected to surpass the demand for organic meat this year.

Jason Bull, the sales director at Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities told Global Meat News that as plant-based proteins have fewer calories than meat, vegan protein appeals to a wider audience; those doing moderate exercise, rather than intense bodybuilding. Plant-based diets are reputable for being the optimal diet for human health, as well as being free of cholesterol and the harmful carcinogenic contents of processed meat.

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This report states: “We predict that vegan protein will continue to feature strongly and will perform at a higher level than organic during 2018”, and notes the future of vegan protein is a growing marketplace trend to keep tabs on.

Bull adds the British public are becoming more and more open and accepting of vegan proteins, many of which were mostly unheard of merely a few years ago.

This result comes not long after CNBC listed vegan meat brands as a top thing consumers will be eating this year. However, with the range and availability of vegan proteins ever increasing, consumers need not fret about giving up meat – as vegans have an alternative to everything, some of which are remarkably similar to the real thing.


The same food trends report credited Pret A Manger for adding to accelerating the awareness and acceptance of vegan protein. A 100% meat-free “Veggie Pret” opened in London in 2016, a store which proved so popular, another two opened in 2017. This year alone, three new veggie options have been rolled put at Pret, with the CEO promising an increase in vegetarian and vegan options for US Pret stores this April.

A recent poll revealed nearly 30% of British people want to give up cheese and dairy milk this year – a statistic unmentioned in the report, yet closely in line with the overall theme of an impending vegan revolution. Get your chickpeas ready!