51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz

In the UK, lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased, but pubs and restaurants are still closed for the time being. If you’re suffering without your weekly trip down the local pub for a quiz night, or you’re looking to liven up your Zoom call, virtual pub quizzes are now all the rage. Putting together your own questions feels like too much admin? we’ve put together these questions for you. See below for 51 vegan facts and animal trivia.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz


Lewis Hamilton follows a vegan diet.

Question 1. Which Formula One Champion Follows a Vegan Diet and Is Passionate About Animal Rights?

The answer is Lewis Hamilton. The racing car driver went vegan back in 2017. Since then, he has used his social media platform to speak out about animal rights on a number of occasions.

asia dog meat trade
Pigs are incredibly smart.

Question 2. True or False: Pigs Are the Smartest Domestic Animal

The answer is true. Pigs can solve problems, they can recognize friends, they can work their way out of mazes, and they have good long-term memories.

The Top 11 Plant-Based News Stories for March
Joaquin Phoenix spoke out against the dairy industry during his Oscars speech.

Question 3. Which Oscar-Winning Actor Referenced Cruelty in the Dairy Industry In Their ‘Best Actor’ Acceptance Speech?

The answer is Joaquin Phoenix. Earlier this year, Phoenix won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in 2019’s “Joker.” In his speech, he said: “I think we’ve become very disconnected from the natural world. We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and when she gives birth we steal her baby, even though her cries of anguish are unmistakable.”

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Urges People to Invest in Vegan Meat
Beyond Meat is better for the planet than beef.

Question 4. True or False: Beyond Meat’s Vegan Beyond Burger Uses 93% Less Land Than Beef

It’s true. One Beyond Burger uses 99 percent less water, generates 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, uses 93 percent less land, and requires 46 percent less energy than a beef burger.

The vegan sausage roll was one of the most popular launches of 2019.

Question 5. Which UK Bakery Chain Launched a Vegan Sausage Roll in 2019, Sparking a Trend for the Pastry?

The answer is Greggs.

EU Protects Bees By Mandating a 50% Drop in Pesticides By 2030
Bees are economically important.

Question 6. How Much Does Bee Activity Contribute to the UK Economy Every Year? A) £20 Million B) £430 Million C) £690 Million

The answer is c) £690 million. Bees are the most important species on earth. They are crucial for the environment, but they’re important for the economy too. They fertilize around one-third of the food that we eat and 80 percent of flowering plants.

'Tiger King' Just Made Virginia Ban Cub Petting
“Tiger King” shows people petting tiger cubs.

Question 7. Which U.S. State Recently Passed a Law Against Tiger Cub Petting?

The answer is Virginia.

china dog meat ban
The Humane Society International says a small minority in China still eat dog meat.

Question 8. Zhuhai Recently Became the Second Chinese City to Ban Dog and Cat Meat. Why Did It Pass a Ban?

The answer is because they were deemed companion animals. The city of Shenzhen also passed a ban earlier this year. 

You Can Get a Bucket of Vegan Chicken from KFC Canada Now
A KFC in Rotterdam ditched meat for one week earlier this year.

Question 9. True or False: Earlier This Year, a KFC Restaurant Replaced All Meat With Vegetarian Alternatives

It’s true. In February, Rotterdam’s KFC went vegetarian for one week.

Can Meat Ever Really Be 'Healthy'?
Why do Brits need to cut down on their meat?

Question 10. Experts Recently Warned That a 20% Decrease in Beef, Lamb, and Dairy Consumption is Urgent. What Was Their Reason?

The answer is for the environment. The Committee on Climate Change—advisors to the UK government—recently released a report stating that reducing beef, lamb, and dairy consumption by 20 percent, as well as reducing food waste by 20 percent, will save seven million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Donatella Versace announced her brand was going fur-free in 2018. | Wikimedia Commons

Question 11. A Fashion Designer Said in 2018: “Fur? I Am Out of That. I Don’t Want to Kill Animals to Make Fashion. It Doesn’t Feel Right.” Who Was It?

The answer is Donatella Versace.

Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a donkey and a miniature pony. | Arnold Schwarzenegger

Question 12. Which 72-Year-Old Celebrity Recently Celebrated Their Donkey’s Birthday?

The answer is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor owns a donkey named Lulu and a miniature pony called Whiskey.

Lisa Simpson went vegetarian in the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian.”

Question 13. Which Musician Is the Reason Lisa Simpson Is Still Vegetarian?

It’s Paul McCartney. Paul and Linda McCartney guest-starred on “The Simpsons” back in 1995 in an episode called “Lisa the Vegetarian.” 

The Biggest Meat Company in the World Doesn’t Know Where Your Beef Comes From
Millions of animals are killed for their meat every day.

Question 14. How Many Land Animals Are Killed For Their Meat Every Day Around the World? A) Around 70 Million B) Over 200 Million C) 120 Million

The answer is B) over 200 million.

James Cameron's New Film Is About the World's Only All-Female Vegan Anti-Poaching Unit
Akashinga is an all-female, vegan anti-poaching unit.

Question 15. James Cameron Recently Produced a Documentary Called “Akashinga: The Brave Ones.”  Who Are the Askashinga Women?

They’re an anti-poaching unit in Zimbabwe. “Akashinga: The Brave Ones” premiered at the virtual film festival EarthxFilm in April.

Question 16. Which U.S. State Recently Banned the Trade of Giraffe Body Parts?

The answer is New York.

vegan comfort food uk
UK supermarkets are filled with vegan options.

Question 17. True or False: In 2018, the UK Launched More Vegan Products Than Any Other Nation

It’s true.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Donald Watson founded The Vegan Society.

Question 18. What Year Was The Vegan Society Founded?

The answer is 1944. It was founded in England by Donald Watson.

vegan menu pizza hut
Pizza Hut’s Jack ‘n’ Cheese pizza is topped with vegan cheese, BBQ sauce, and jackfruit.

Question 19. Which of These Pizza Chains Does Not Offer a Vegan Option in the UK (Yet)? A) Pizza Hut B) Domino’s C) Pizza Express

The answer is B) Domino’s. While the chain offers vegan options in other countries, including Australia, it has yet to add them to its UK menu. However, last year, a spokesperson revealed that vegan cheese could be coming soon.

Sussex banned fishing for the environment.

Question 20. Which County Recently Made History With the First UK Fishing Ban for the Climate?

The answer is Sussex. The ban followed the Help Our Kelp campaign, which was backed by Sir David Attenborough.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Camden market banned fur.

Question 21. Which Popular London Market Banned Fur in 2018?

The answer is Camden Market. It banned the sale of fur in February 2018.

California Senator Introduces Bill to Shut Down SeaWorld
“Blackfish” focused on SeaWorld.

Question 22. Netflix Documentary “Blackfish” Was Based on Which U.S. Marine Park?

The answer is SeaWorld. The 2013 exposé featured interviews with ex-animal trainers from the marine park.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Cher is an animal rights activist.

Question 23. Which US Singer Recently Helped Release Pakistan’s ‘Loneliest’ Elephant?

The answer is Cher. The singer successfully campaigned for the release of Kavaan from Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad.

Jack Black ditched red meat for the environment. | @jackblack

Question 24. Why Did Actor Jack Black Give Up Red Meat?

The answer is for the planet. He said he would switch to veggie burgers to help limit “catastrophic climate change.”

Quorn uses mycoprotein to make its products.

Question 25. Which Popular Vegetarian and Vegan Meat Company Uses Mycoprotein to Make Its Products?

The answer is Quorn.

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg had a big year in 2019.

Question 26. Which Vegan Climate Activist Was TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year?

The answer is Greta Thunberg. The 17-year-old activist told the magazine: “we can’t just continue living as if there was no tomorrow because there is a tomorrow. That is all we are saying.”

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Kevin Smith follows a vegan lifestyle now. | @thatkevinsmith

Question 27. What Major Life Event Prompted Filmmaker Kevin Smith to Go Vegan?

The answer is a heart attack.

How many turkeys are killed every year for the Thanksgiving table?

Question 28. True or False: In the U.S., 10 Million Turkeys Are Killed for Thanksgiving Every Year

The answer is false. Every year, 45 million turkeys are killed in the run-up to Thanksgiving in the U.S.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Lambs are killed for meat before they reach the age of one.

Question 29. On Average, What Age Are Lambs Slaughtered for Meat in the UK?

On average, a lamb is killed between the ages of 6 and 7 months.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Cats are a popular pet.

Question 30. How Many People Own a Cat in the UK? A) 9.3 Million B) 18.5 Million C) 10.9 Million

The answer is C) 10.9 million.

abu dhabi meat market ban
Some bats use echolocation.

Question 31. True or False: All Bat Species Rely on Echolocation to Navigate

The answer is false. More than half of all bat species rely on echolocation, but not all.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
India has a high population of vegetarians.

Question 32. What Country Has the Highest Number of Vegetarians?

The answer is India.

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. | National Institute of Standards and Technology via Wikimedia Commons

Question 33. What Animals Are Nicknamed the ‘Unicorns of the Sea?’

The answer is Narwhals. Males have a long protruding tusk, which is actually a tooth, coming from their noses.

Pheasants must not be shot on Christmas Day.

Question 34. True or False: It Is Illegal to Hunt Pheasants on Christmas Day in England

The answer is true.

Is Hunting Good for the Environment?
How many African lions are left?

Question 35. True or False: There Are 60,000 African Lions Left in the Wild

The answer is false. There are around 23,000 African lions left in the wild.

vegan buffalo wings
Chickens suffer in the meat industry.

Question 36. How Many Chickens Are Killed in the UK Every Year for Food?

The answer is 982 million chickens. For every cow killed in the UK, 300 chickens are slaughtered in the meat industry.

What is tempeh made from?

Question 37. What Is Tempeh Made From?

The answer is fermented soybeans.

11 Most Impressive Plastic Bans Around the World
8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year.

Question 38. How Many Metric Tons of Plastic Enter the Ocean Every Year?

According to Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. That’s on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic already in marine environments.

Florida's Senate Just Passed the Largest Shark Fin Ban In the U.S.
There are many different species of shark.

Question 39. True or False: There Are More Than 500 Species of Shark

The answer is true.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Baby elephants can stand up quickly after birth.

Question 40. True or False: Elephant Calves Can Stand Within 20 Minutes of Birth

The answer is true. They can walk after one hour.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
“What The Health” was released in 2017.

Question 41. What Is the Name of the 2017 Documentary That Links Animal Products With Disease?

The answer is “What The Health.”

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
What are male turkeys called?

Question 42. True or False: Male Turkeys Are Called Gobblers

The answer is true.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
Mike Tyson follows a vegan diet.

Question 43. True or False: Mike Tyson Follows a Vegan Diet

The answer is true. The Heavyweight boxing champion has been vegan for more than a decade. He believes the dietary change helped him turn his life around after hitting “rock bottom” in 2009.

Fishing Industry to Lose Billions As COVID Drops Demand
Tuna fish can swim fast.

Question 44. What Is the Fastest Speed a Tuna Fish Can Swim? A) 61 Miles Per Hour B) 34 Miles Per Hour C) 43 Miles Per Hour

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the answer is C) 43 miles per hour.

The Health Benefits of Tofu and How to Cook It
Tofu originates from China.

Question 45. What Country Does Tofu Originate From?

The answer is China. Many reports say it was accidentally discovered more than 2,000 years ago.

Why Is Billie Eilish Vegan Anyway?
Billie Eilish is vegan. | @billieeilish

Question 46. True or False: Billie Eilish Follows a Vegan Diet

The answer is true. The singer is vegan for her love of animals and the planet.

‘Tiger King’ and The Truth About Captive Tigers
Tigers are the largest wild cat species.

Question 47. What is the Largest Wild Cat Species in the World?

The answer is tigers.

51 Vegan Questions For Your Next Zoom Pub Quiz
How do orcas sleep?

Question 48. True or False: Only One Half of An Orcas Brain Sleeps At a Time

The answer is true. Orcas do not breathe automatically, so they must stay half-awake at all times to remember to breathe.

vegan diet skin benefits
Avocados are a fruit.

Question 49. Is an Avocado a Fruit or a Vegetable?

The answer is fruit.

malawi bushmeat ban
Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world. | WildAid

Question 50. What Is the World’s Most Hunted Animal?

The answer is a pangolin.

What Is Speciesism? The Animal Rights Issue Explained
Can cows predict the weather?

Question 51. True or False: Cows Can Predict the Weather

It’s false. Many think that when cows lie down it means rain is on the way, but cows lie down for many different reasons. They can lie down for up to 14 hours a day.