Vegan Rapper Jermaine Dupri Urges Fans to ‘Feel the Beets and Lose the Meats’

jermaine dupri

Grammy award-winning vegan rapper, record producer, and DJ Jermaine Dupri is urging his millions of fans to “Feel the Beets and Lose the Meats” in a new campaign.

Dupri has partnered with international animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to release a video and series of ads where the Asheville, North Carolina native shares the story behind why he went plant-based.

“So my vegan story started when I went on a massive cleanse for like 25 days,” Dupri explained. “The energy I had, the way I felt, I just tried to figure out at that point how could I keep this same feeling. People were like, ‘well you should be vegan’ and I’m like ‘vegan?’ So I became vegan – I just went full into the vegan lifestyle and I’m here 12 years later.”

“The vegan lifestyle, to me, is the best lifestyle. And I want to get the world into this,” Dupri added.

“I want the world to know the vegan lifestyle, to me, is the best lifestyle,” said Dupri. “I feel like anybody that has a problem with their energy level being right, tired all the time, you can definitely feel the difference. A vegan lifestyle puts you on that track to just be healthy.”

Dupri is not the first hip-hop artist to speak out about the benefits of eating plant-based. Plant-based rapper Grey, best-known for his viral vegan Thanksgiving video, incorporates a compassionate message in many of his freestyles and songs.


Last January, the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA appeared in a video produced by PETA where urged others treat animals with compassion. Last July, the vegan celebrity was a keynote speaker at the Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival in New Jersey. Fellow member of the Wu-Tang Clan and a vegetarian of over a decade Masta Killa has also appeared a PETA campaign where he urged fans to “Go veg for life.”

Black Eyed Peas lead and “The Voice” judge went vegan last December and earlier this month, revealed his new lifestyle had not only dramatically improved his sleep habits, but also helped him to lose 20 pounds. While he initially ditched animal products for the health benefits, the rapper later took to social media to question the ethics of using animals for food.

Image Credit: PETA