This Vegan Raspberry Pie Features a Dairy-Free Buttery Crust

This Vegan Raspberry Pie Features a Dairy-Free Buttery Crust

This delicious vegan raspberry pie recipe is delicious and incredibly simple to make, and the shortcrust pastry is crumbly and buttery, all the things we love about vegan baking! You can play around with the filling and add freshly grated ginger, blueberries, blackberries, or even some mint leaves to garnish.

Here are some quick tips on how to achieve that perfect vegan pastry.

1. Make sure everything is super cold. All your utensils should be put into the freezer for 30 mins beforehand. Once you have lined your pie tin put the pastry back into the fridge for 30 mins to chill. This will help stop shrinkage.

2. When adding the filling, make sure it has cooled right down (even chilled) this will stop your pastry from going soggy on the bottom

3. Be prepared for shrinkage with your pastry. Make it a little larger than what you’re anticipating.

This vegan raspberry recipe calls for a handful of ingredients. For the pastry, all you need is plain flour, vegetable shortening, brown sugar, salt, and ice water. For the filling, ingredients include frozen raspberries, lemon juice, caster sugar, water, vegan butter or margarine, and cornstarch.


Additional Pie Recipes

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For a hearty, dinner pie recipe, try this vegan shepherd’s pie with yam mash recipe! This recipe features plant-based ingredients like eggplant, black beans, and sweet potato. According to the recipe’s author: “As a nod to tradition, yams still play a central role in this dish. Here, I’ve mixed it up by adding beans and aubergine/eggplant to create a beautiful, textured meal that is as filling as it is tasty! It’s also quicker to make than a traditional Shepherd’s Pie as it doesn’t get baked in the oven.”

This recipe was republished with permission from Sara Kidd.