Vegan “Rehab” Opens in a Bid to Serve Healthy Plant Based Food to Londoners

A new vegan café has opened in London, which could answer all of your health (and hangover) needs. Rehab is a plant based bar and café, located in London’s vegan haven of Hackney, that offers a whole range of food and drink with unusual, but vitamin-rich, ingredients.

All food and drink at Rehab is vegan and contains no refined sugar. All the spreads are made in-house and the salad dressings are even alkalising.

From open sandwiches with peanut butter on both sides of the bread to beetroot lattes nothing at Rehab will leave you feeling as though you’ve missed out on flavour or nutrients. Even their alcoholic drinks have an extra boost of healthy like their Espresso Martini with MCT oil ‘for its wealth of health benefits.’

While cooking with these ingredients may be an art, Rehab’s dishes also have a good deal of science behind them. Chefs at Rehab carefully pick which ingredients should go together so as to offer the best nutritional profile. Many vitamins and minerals rely on other nutrients for our bodies to absorb them properly and Rehab is aware of this. ‘From start to finish, everything is thought out and we do our best to combine foods that help one another as carriers,’ said the team.

The café joins a plethora of other vegan eateries in the area including Hackney’s popular fast food restaurant Temple of Seitan.

Image credit: Rehab