Eat Vegan Food All By Yourself At This Swedish Restaurant for One

Eat Vegan Food All By Yourself At This Restaurant for One

You can now enjoy a sit-down dinner in a meadow in Sweden while adhering to social distancing guidelines in place during the coronavirus pandemic. A new, single-seat restaurant just opened in Värmland—and it serves vegan food.

Couple Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson are set to open Bord för En—which translates to Table for One—on May 10.

Karlsson told Spiegel a visit from her mother inspired her to open the new restaurant. “My parents surprised us with a visit…. We didn’t let her in our house. That felt rude, but they are both over 70 and we didn’t want to expose them to infection,” she explained.

She continued: “That’s why we served them lunch through the window on a table outside in the meadow. You enjoyed it very much. We thought maybe such a culinary social distance concept would also be exciting for others.

In order to ensure the experience is germ-free, Karlsson says the restaurant will only serve one person per day. The restaurant will remain open until August 1, reports Insider.

Eat Vegan Food All By Yourself At This Restaurant for One
This Swedish sit-down restaurant is COVID-proof. | Bord för En

Dinner For One

The new restaurant concept is quite simple. It features one table and one chair set up in the middle of a field.

A table and a chair on a Swedish summer meadow. No other guests. No operation. Just you, a three-course menu and the right drinks,” Karlsson said.

Using a rope and a basket, the couple delivers the food directly from the kitchen window of their home to the guest. The menu features locally-sourced ingredients, as well as vegetables like yellow carrots, corn, and potatoes—which the couple grows in their garden.

Although fine-dining might be costly elsewhere, Karlsson says the couple’s restaurant is affordable. “People are losing their loved ones, their jobs. We know that everyone has different financial options to pay for this experience. Therefore, it is up to you how much you want to spend. Of course, we hope we don’t go broke,” she said.

Karlsson says the couple hopes to develop more “COVID-proof” experiences that are designed for just one person, such as a bar, concerts, or stand-up comedy shows.