New ‘Vegan Road Show’ Series Hits YouTube

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Fasten your seatbelts because in just 9 days time YouTube has a treat coming your way in the form of The Vegan Road Show US. Vegan fitness writer, Mehmet Endip, and creator of the show, Sky Valencia, are taking a road trip of the USA to discover all the best vegan dishes you can get all across the country! They’ve already shared a few pictures of what kind of food you can expect from the show and it’s looking pretty good.

The show will come to youtube on August 12th and will have 22 episodes to keep you occupied through your summer break. Endip and Valencia started their journey in Los Angeles and will travel up the west coast of the US before heading further inland to discover what vegan treats lay there. It’s even rumoured that there will be some stars appearing on the show alongside them.

Mehmet Endip is a fitness star and actor whose instagram is full of pictures of him getting ripped on a vegan diet. Audiences have been assured that Endip will be giving some great tips on how to be a ‘clean, lean vegan machine’ on the show. The pair are also passionate about how nutritious vegan food can be and no doubt we’ll see some really tasty and healthy treats on their 22 episode tour of the US.

Amongst a myriad of great vegan friendly spots, Endip and Valencia will make a stop at Follow Your Heart, who make a great range of vegan friendly products available in the US. Their Facebook page boasts about the ‘hearty bean kale soup’ they tried there alongside the most amazing looking sweet potato dish with melted vegan butter and maple syrup. Uh, yes please.

To have shows popping up like this on YouTube shows just how far the vegan movement is coming. Give The Vegan Road Show a like on Facebook to show your support and it might just help them make another series next summer to make our mouths water and stomachs rumble.

Image credit: Vegan Roadshow | Vegan Roadshow | Vegan Roadshow

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