Vegan Rotisserie Chickens Launch at Austin Barbecue Joint

Vegan Rotisserie Chickens Made With Beyond Meat Launch at Austin Barbecue Joint Plow-B-Q

A new vegan barbecue joint in Austin is set to serve vegan “rotisserie” half-chickens made from Beyond Meat. Called Plow-B-Q, the concept comes from the team behind the vegan burger truck, Plow Burger.

Eater Austin reports that the upcoming restaurant will not only serve vegan “half-chickens made with Beyond Meat,” but also classics like meatless burgers, sausages, and wings, pulled “pork,” and plant-based shrimp. Plow-B-Q will open inside a food court in the second Buzz Mill Coffee location and share a space with meat-heavy vendors, including a venture from an “unnamed barbecue expert” and a roasted meats stand.

No additional menu details for Plow-B-Q are available, but it can be speculated that guests can expect fare similar to Plow Burger. The food truck serves the vegan Beyond Burger in a number of ways, as well as a “house curated” burger of the week. Past specials include a vegan chicken-fried steak burger, a “Red Hott Chili Burger,” and a dairy-free mac and cheese burger. Every Wednesday, the truck serves vegan chicken wings.

Meat-Heavy Texas Embraces Meatless Cuisine

Although Texas is known for its love of BBQ, restaurants and food trucks that specialize in vegan meat are rising in popularity. Plow Burger, which has two locations, has been a hit with visitors and locals alike since it first opened last January. Earlier this week, the Austin Chronicle named it one of the top 10 vegan food trucks in the city, alongside other barbecue-centric eateries such as BBQ Revolution and Arlo’s.

Earlier this year, Hip Peaz Vegan Eats, which specializes in housemade vegan meats, cheese sauces, and grab-and-go meals, opened in San Antonio. Plant-based fast-food joint Next Level Burger opened its first Austin location last July, serving housemade and Beyond Meat burgers and dairy-free milkshakes.

Plow-B-Q is slated to open in spring or summer 2019.

Image Credit: Elliot Harmon | Flickr

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