Vegan Sausage: Where to Buy It and How to Cook It

Sausages are a breakfast staple. They’re also great on the grill, in a casserole, or with pasta and lots of tomatoes. To meet the growing demand for more plant-based foods, a number of brands are churning out vegan sausage products.

California-based Beyond Meat revolutionized the vegan food scene with its pea protein-based meat. Its latest product? Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links.

The new sausages feature a blend of herbs and spices. | Beyond Meat


Beyond Meat Sausages

Featuring a “signature blend” of savory herbs and spices, the vegan sausage links are available in major retailers like Sprouts, Albertsons, select Kroger stores, and Whole Foods Market.

“With demand for plant-based breakfast options continuing to rise and more of us eating breakfast at home, we knew the segment was ripe for innovation,” Stuart Kronauge, Beyond Meat’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

This is the company’s fourth retail product launch this year. It follows the release of its Beyond Breakfast Sausage Patties, Cookout Classic, and Beyond Meatballs.

Beyond Meat’s breakfast sausage patties are available in original and spicy flavors. The company also offers Beyond Beef, Beyond Burger patties, Beyond Beef Crumbles, and Beyond Sausage. The latter comes in flavors of Brat Original, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian.

Vegan Sausage: Where to Buy It

If you’re looking for more vegan sausages to try, here are nine more brands to add to your shopping list.

1. Tofurky 

Plant-based brand Tofurky offers a number of tasty sausages, perfect for enjoying in the morning along with a tofu scramble or for dinner. Try the following flavors: Original, Italian, Spinach Pesto, Zesty Andouille, Kielbasa, and Beer Brats.

2. Field Roast 

Since launching in 1997, Seattle-based Field Roast has been churning out plant-based meat made from whole-food, quality ingredients. The company carries several artisanal plant-based sausages like the Smoked Apple Sage and Italian.

3. Lightlife 

For a delicious dinner the whole family will enjoy, grill up Lightlife’s Plant-Based Bratwurst Sausages. The brand also offers other taste bud-pleasing flavors like Italian, as well as Spanish-inspired chorizo.

4. Alpha Foods 

For the perfect meaty pasta, opt for Alpha Foods’ plant-based sausage crumbles. Serve with french bread and don’t hesitate to dig in for seconds.

5. Gardein 

Breakfast and dinner are served with Gardein’s Breakfast Saus’age and Sliced Italian Plant-Based Saus’Age.

6. Hilary’s

Bite into plant-based brand Hilary’s apple maple and spicy veggie sausage. Both of these tasty meatless sausages are lentil-based and packed with nourishing ingredients.

7. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s is a vegan mecca. Can you ever get out of the store without a cart full of groceries? Try the grocery chain’s chorizo sausage, which is spicy, zesty, and oh-so-good.

8. Fry Family Foods 

Start your morning off right with Fry Family Foods’ plant-based breakfast links. Packed with ten grams of protein per serving, these tasty meatless links will leave you feeling ready to tackle the day.

9. LikeMeat 

Stock up on LikeMeat’s pea-based, gluten-free smoked sausages, which combine the smoky taste of ham with the texture of traditional sausage. The brand also carries bratwursts and curry sausage. Yum!

Vegan Sausage: How to Cook It

Get creative in the kitchen! Here are seven vegan sausage recipes that’ll take you from breakfast to dinner.

Replace meat with lentils and walnuts in this sausage roll recipe. | Hazel and Cacao

1. Lentil and Walnut Sausage Rolls

A staple food in the UK, sausage rolls typically feature a meat-filled center wrapped in a pastry. Thankfully, vegans don’t have to miss out on this savory treat! The sausage in this recipe features lentils, walnuts, rolled oats, and a number of seasonings. Try eating just one… we dare you.

Get the recipe here.

Try making this hearty, tasty sausage pasta. | Everyday Vegan Food

2. Spicy Sausage Pasta

For this hearty spicy sausage pasta dish, you can use any of the aforementioned brands’ Italian sausages. This rich sauce is made with grape tomatoes and crushed red peppers, as well as seasonings like oregano, garlic powder, and fresh basil. Serve with a hearty loaf of bread to round out your meal.

Get the recipe here.

Try this raviolo recipe with Field Roast apple sage sausages. | Everyday Vegan Food

3. Sausage Pumpkin Ravioli

Perfect for fall, this sausage pumpkin ravioli is the ultimate comfort food. This recipe features Field Roast’s apple sage sausages, but of course—feel free to use whichever brand you like best!

Get the recipe here.


Add some filling sausages to your beans on toast. | Aaron Calder Vegan

4. Sausage and Beans on Toast

Ah, classic beans on toast just got a meaty makeover. This vegan sausage recipe is hearty, filling, and so dang delicious! Plus, this recipe is incredibly inexpensive. Hungry yet?

Get the recipe here.

Whip this sausage pasta up in 30 minutes. | This Wife Cooks

5. Sausage and Peppers Pasta

Another vegan sausage pasta extravaganza—and we’re here for it! This skillet dinner is easy to whip up and you can have it on your dining table in 30 minutes. A satisfying comfort food, the vegan sausage dish features farfalle pasta, Beyond Meat’s Italian sausage, and a delicious sauce made with bell peppers, yellow onion, garlic, and more nourishing ingredients!

Get the recipe here.

These stuffed peppers are a combination of sweet and savory. | This Wife Cooks

6. Sausage and Cheddar Stuffed Peppers

The ultimate finger food, these plant-based sausage and cheddar stuffed mini peppers are the perfect combination of sweet and savory. They’re stuffed with vegan Italian sausage, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, chives, garlic, Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, and black pepper. Enjoy them with friends and family or eat them all by yourself.

Get the recipe here.

Why not try making your own Italian sausages? | Everyday Vegan Food

7. Italian Sausages

If you’re not a fan of any of the aforementioned vegan sausage brands, try making these Italian sausages from scratch! You can serve them in pasta or squeeze them in between hot dog buns. The vegan sausages feature wheat gluten, chickpea flour, and heart of palms, as well as a number of other wet and dry ingredients.

Get the recipe here.

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