Vegan Say Hello Sweets Ice Cream Arrives at The Very Good Butchers

Canadian plant-based butchers, the Very Good Butchers, is now stocking Say Hello Sweets vegan ice cream.

“We would like to formally introduce to you the newest product to join us at the Very Good Butchers, @sayhellosweets!! We will now be stocking all of these flavors of this amazing vegan ice cream,” the Very Good Butchers posted on its Instagram account. “Founded in Vancouver B.C., Naomi has created a very high-quality product and an [even] more amazing brand, not to mention they have the first vegan ice cream truck in Canada!”

Say Hello Sweets was initially founded by Naomi Arnout after her dog, Babycakes, fell ill and required surgery. The “cutest non-dairy ice cream truck” was born as a method of fundraising for Babycakes’ operation. Babycakes has since recovered, but the brand is still going strong after Arnout was inundated with requests for Say Hello Sweets ice cream following the fundraiser.

“Naomi handcrafts the ice cream in small batches, with each flavor being deeply considered so it stands confidently on the menu,” Say Hello Sweets website notes. “Expect balanced, creamy & rich flavors, skilfully crafted from a blend of coconut milk, in-house made cashew milk, organic agave nectar & other all-natural ingredients.”

Lemon Squeezy, Café No-Lait, Vanilla & Co, Chocolate Nirvana, Stay Mallow, and Jam Session are the flavors currently available on Very Good Butchers’ shelves, priced at $11. Other stockists include Friendly, Vegan Supply, Innocent Ice Cream, and The Wallflower in Vancouver, as well as Bluhouse in Deep Cove, amongst others.

The Very Good Butchers, founded in 2016 and based in British Columbia, makes plant-based meats aimed at vegan and non-vegan consumers. In April, the brand launched a new monthly subscription service titled “Monthly Meat Club.”

“Our goal is to make good quality meat alternatives that are as accessible as possible to everyone, whether you are looking to reduce meat consumption for environmental concerns, are already a vegan or vegetarian, or are just looking for a tasty healthier alternative,” the founder, James Davison, said in a statement on the brand’s website.

Image Credit: Say Hello Sweets | The Very Good Butchers