Keep Making Those Vegan Gains with New Shiitake Mushroom Protein


Naturex, one of the leading influential natural ingredients companies has agreed a global distribution deal with MycoTechnology – the start-up behind Pure Taste fermented shiitake vegetable protein.

As a result of the new deal, the mushroom protein will be a brand new addition to the food supplements market. Naturex started talking to MycoTehcnology around nine months ago and saw huge potential in the product for its “protein quality and functionality”, according to the VP of Marketing, Nutrition & Health, Timothee Olagne.

From a marketing point of view. The Pure Taste product is of particularly interest. It’s a highly concentrated form of protein – a hugely important factor for the nutrition industry. And unlike the many unpleasant tasting protein powders, the flavour is positively described as being “neutral to slightly nutty”. It’s also even more simple than most plant-based proteins due to its solubility, working better in smoothies and the like.

Low in calories, fat, sugar and carbohydrates. Free from cholesterol and containing essential amino acids… Pure Taste essentially sounds too good to be true.

The protein is made via fermentation. And in the mildly complicated bit that you don’t overly need to understand but may want to, is that: it uses naturally occurring mycelium (essentially mushroom roots) from the shiitake to transform pea and rice protein into a vegan protein.

Whilst the market for protein supplements is already fairly saturated and there isn’t mush-room for new products, demand is clearly there for alternatives to animal-based proteins, but frankly even if there wasn’t, Pure Taste looks like it would do well in its own right.


This deal with Naturex – who are becoming a global force in the food and health industry, with revenues of over €400m in 2016 – will put Pure Taste in the shop window for a huge number of consumers and then… Who knows?

It’s looking good for the fun-guys (everyone at LK would like to apologise for quality of that pun) at MycoTehcnology.

Image Credit: Amarita