Vegan Shoe Brand Expands Line With Zero-Waste Slip-Ons


Native Shoes is placing themselves at the forefront of shoe innovation with a new line of zero waste, vegan slip-on shoes: the Jefferson 2.0.

This new no-waste collection features high and low top styles, no lace-tying required. The elasticity of the materials allows the wearer to slide their foot ‘in and out like a sock,’ while the more durable rubber outer layer maintains the shoe’s structural integrity. This means no more crushed heels or force-stuffing your foot into an unbendable shoe. The shoes are made through a process of 3D knitting, which eliminates fabric waste during production, according to the company.  The shoes are also made with recycled insoles to further promote sustainability.


Native Shoes is a Vancouver-based company that just opened its first brick and mortar store in December 2017. The brand offers slip-ons, sneakers, and boots for adults and children of all genders. Its goal is to provide comfort, style, and high-quality footwear while upholding sustainable and ethical business practices. CEO Scott Hawthorn spoke to LIVEKINDLY about the mission behind Native Shoes. “Choosing to include more beast-free products in your life has a positive impact on personal wellness, animal rights and on the environment. It’s one way we can each have a positive impact on the world,” he said.

Although the company is exclusively vegan, Hawthorne hopes to entice the larger, non-vegan market. “At Native Shoes we don’t lecture people on their personal behavior but present them different possibilities that they might not have considered before,” he explained. “I find this has a higher chance of having people consider and adopt change.

Native Shoes is one of many companies that offer completely vegan shoe collections. From luxury brands like Beyond Skin to the upcoming Von D Shoes, shoppers no longer have to choose between ethics and fashion.

Here’s to promoting the vegan lifestyle and sustainability one step at a time.

Photo credit @nativeshoes/Instagram