An Apple a Day… for Your Feet? Meet the Vegan Shoes Made From Apple Leather

Veerah, the leading luxury vegan shoe brand has just launched a new line of heels that bring new meaning to walking the plant-based talk. These vegan shoes are made from apple peels. Talk about eliminating food waste.

According to the company, a mission-driven business founded for women to make a positive impact in impeccable style, the heels are a byproduct of apple juice that comes from a sustainable orchard in Italy.

The production process involves scientists taking dry apple peels and extracting fibers to construct apple leather, a sustainable textile,” the company said in a statement.  “The apple leather is breathable, durable, chemical free, UV resistant and it looks and feels like real leather.” And, what’s cooler than apple shoes in autumn?
An Apple a Day… for Your Feet? Meet the Vegan Shoes Made From Apple LeatherThe company also incorporates other natural ingredients like organic cotton sock linings, cork, microfiber vegan calfskin, and post-consumer PET bottle fabric. The heels range in height from 1.8 inches to 4.2-inch stilettos.

Veerah says being an eco-conscious company doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or elegance, our fingers are on the pulse of creating socially responsible and environmentally friendly pieces to protect our planet and ensure it stays thriving.”