Vegan Singer Billie Eilish Just Launched a Fashion Range

Vegan Singer Billie Eilish Just Launched a Fashion Range

If you haven’t felt freaky enough yet this summer, vegan singer Billie Eilish has got you covered. The 17-year-old just launched a signature capsule collection with Los Angeles-based clothing brand Freak City.

In line with Eilish’s own personal style, the collection features loose-fitting and gender- neutral offerings. The “Bury a Friend” singer is a longtime fan of the Freak City brand and frequently wears the label on tour.

Vegan Singer Billie Eilish Just Launched a Clothing Range
Billie Eilish just launched a collab with LA label Freak City on a vegan clothing range.


Freak City Label

Launched in 2008 by Valerie “Vally” Campbell and Justin Romero, Freak City has a cult following, particularly among the LA club scene. But it’s also a favorite among celebrities including Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Rita Ora, and Paris Hilton.

“The need for creative space is what gave birth to Freak City,” Campbell told Vogue in 2017. Campbell and Romero bring backgrounds in music and visual arts to the label. “We were always collecting and selling rare vintage clothing and making customized clothes because our style was very different. We wanted to rebel against the typical retail structure and make clothes for the freaks, the outcasts, the misfits.”

The Freak City collaboration isn’t Eilish’s first foray into the fashion world. She was just signed on to her first major style campaign for MCM’s “genderless” fall ad series. Eilish is featured wearing bucket hats and a fanny pack.

 Vegan Singer Billie Eilish Just Launched a Fashion Range
The new Freak City collab speaks to Eilish’s gender-neutral style.

Redefining Body Image

“I love to glorify the things that make people uncomfortable,” Eilish said in a press release. “We’re so used to one way of living that we think other peoples’ lifestyles are wrong — sometimes automatically, without even thinking. I want to mess with what people are used to. I want to be that other.”

The singer dresses in baggy clothing to avoid drawing attention to her body.

“I never want the world to know everything about me. I mean, that’s why I wear big baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath, you know?” she said. “Nobody can be like ‘oh she’s slim-thick, she’s not slim-thick, she got a flat ass, she got a fat ass.’ Nobody can say any of that because they don’t know.”

 Vegan Singer Billie Eilish Just Launched a Fashion Range
Billie Eilish frequently uses her platform for animals.

Voice for the Animals

Raised vegetarian, Eilish is now an outspoken vegan who uses her platform to speak out for animals. In a recent Instagram post, she called out animal abuse in the dairy industry.

“I keep my mouth shut most of the time about this because I believe everyone should do, eat, and say whatever they want… and I don’t feel the need to shove what I believe in in anyone’s face,” Eilish wrote.

“But man… if you can watch the videos that I just posted and not give a [expletive] that it’s YOU contributing by LITERALLY EATING the creatures that are being fully tortured just for your pleasure. I feel sorry for you.”

The new Freak City collection features tees, hoodies, tube tops, and shorts with her name on them in bright neon colors. The collection ranges from $40-$90 and is available now on the Billie Eilish store.