Vegan Sisters Open a New Cafe In Thailand

Vegan Sisters Open a New Cafe In Thailand

Nature’s Charm has opened its very first vegan café in Thailand.

The company is known for its coconut milk-based products. In 2014, it took baking to the next level with the launch of the world’s first sweetened condensed coconut milk. Since then, the company has continued to expand. It now offers a wide selection of coconut milk-based products, including vegan evaporated coconut milk, coconut whipping cream, and high-fat, all-natural coconut milk.

Vegan Sisters Open a New Cafe In Thailand
Two sisters founded the company. | Nature’s Charm

Nature’s Charm

The woman-owned company was founded by two sisters, Marisa and Sonya Osonphasop. They created Nature’s Charm out of a mutual love for animals, food, and the planet. They also wanted to show others that you can still enjoy plant-based foods without compromising taste.

“The original idea behind Nature’s Charm has always been to inspire others to see that vegan food is not boring, anything can be made vegan,” Marisa told LIVEKINDLY.

She added: “And we hope that when people see how easy it is, they will choose a vegan dietand a vegan lifestyle.”

Vegan Sisters Open a New Cafe In Thailand
The brand carries a wide range of coconut milk-based products. | Nature’s Charm

Creating Vegan Food From Coconuts

In 2016, Nature’s Charm launched a line of coconut-based dessert toppings, starting with its rich and creamy coconut caramel sauce.

The caramel drizzle can be used in a number of different baking recipes, including in toppings and in cakes. 

The dessert toppings line includes a coconut butterscotch sauce and a coconut salted caramel saucewhich can be added to smoothies for a delicious boost in taste. It also features a coconut matcha sauce and coconut chocolate fudge sauce made from raw cacao powder.

Avid cooks and daughters of Thailand’s first coconut milk factory, Marisa and Sonya say the Chef’s Choice coconut milk is the best dairy-free baking alternative.

“We were inspired to create more products using the family’s Chef’s Choice coconut milk as a base.  It got us to [produce] amazing products under the Nature’s Charm brand like the Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk, Evaporated Coconut Milk, Coconut Whipping Cream and so many caramel dessert toppings,” Marisa explained.

Sonya says Nature’s Charm products make it easy to cook vegan meals. “[Our products] make it easier and more convenient to recreate and veganize […] dishes. Not only for vegans, but also for people who consider or want a dairy-free option,” she said.

She added: “We hope to inspire everyone to veganize their favorite menus, just like how we wanted to veganize all our childhood favorites.”

Now, the sisters are expanding their brand even further with the launch of the new vegan café.

Vegan Sisters Open a New Cafe In Thailand
The sisters opened a plant-based café in Thailand. | Nature’s Charm

Nature’s Charm Café

The new café opened its doors on July 30.

The cafe features an all-vegan menu.  It includes all-day breakfast offerings, including pancakes, fruit bowls, seafood-free Poke bowls,​ and a full big breakfastwhich the sisters refer to as a “breakfast of the champions.”

Nature’s Charm Café offers a wide range of meatless main courses, such as burgers and pasta dishes, and the company’s famous Nature’s Charm Fish and Chips. It also offers plant-based, Thai-inspired dishes like the Holy Bowl, a holy basil stir fry, Massaman Curry, and Tom Yum Mac n’ Cheese.

The sisters plan to take the café worldwide. “We hope to eventually expand the Nature’s Charm Café around the world where the Nature’s Charm range is already present. This covers [more than] 48 countries to date,” Sonya explained.

“We’d expect to start with Australia, the U.K., and the U.S.,” she added.

Marisa says the café provides a space where vegans and non-vegans alike can come together. 

“We wanted to […] offer a space where we could connect and hopefully inspire more people,” she said. “We always get excited about vegan food. And we hope we can do the same for others so [they can] choose to live a life without harming others.” 

For more information about Nature’s Charm visit the website or follow on social media.

For more details about the cafe, follow @NaturesCharmCafe on Instagram and Facebook. 

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