Here’s How to Make Vegan Skincare From Your Herb Garden

Vivian Mac vegan skincare

You don’t have to spend $$$ on expensive skincare products for glowing skin. You can make your own vegan skincare from the comfort of your own home.

On this episode of LIVEKINDLY With Me, herbalist and founder of Willow’s Touch, a herbal remedy brand, Vivian Mac gives a tour of her herb garden. She also gives three easy DIY skincare garden recipes: a lemon balm sugar scrub, a calendula face serum, and a rosemary hair rinse.

Mac opts for lemon balm for its anti-viral properties. It also helps to support the nervous system and is known for being a mood enhancer. “Lemon balm, I love, because it’s very calming,” she explains. “The oil of lemon balm can also be used for any topical itching or acne, cuts, scrapes, wounds as well.”

The calendula is another good option for herbal skin care because it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to provide relief from irritation. “They’re known for their bright yellow colors, though the colors can range from cream to bright orange,” Mac says. “The medicinal part is the entire flower. You can actually eat the petals and add it to your salads or use it as a garnish for desserts.”

Lastly, Mac uses rosemary, which also has anti-inflammatory properties. The aromatic herb helps to relieve colds and is a flavor enhancer. “Just smelling it helps open up the nasal passages,” she explains. In addition to aiding in digestion, Mac says rosemary may help relieve fevers.

Vivian Mac vegan skincare
Vivian Mac, herbalist and founder of the herbal remedy brand, Willow’s Touch, talks all things vegan skin care. | Chris Willmore

Here’s How to Make Vegan Skincare