Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare Range Arrives at Sainsbury’s

Lesley Reynolds of Harley Street Clinic has made an exciting announcement about UK supermarket super-giant Sainsbury’s.

Reynolds is a ‘recognised authority in the world of anti-aging‘ and her training has taken her from Aromatherapy, Indian head massage and Reflexology through to anti-aging and acne treatments, which have become her specialty. She advocates for cruelty-free, all natural products, which are the most gentle for our skin – and also for animals!

She recently informed her followers that there’s a new skincare product they need to get our hands on, tweeting:

“@sainsburys are launching a skincare line soon & contain some of nature’s best and most hardworking extracts!”

Indeed, Sainsbury’s online already has Source of Nature products such as anti-age cream, body lotion and makeup remover (all of the products shown online are listed as ‘new’ and no images are yet shown).

They come in natural and calming scents such as white tea and green tea, white tea and elderflower, and white tea and liquorice.

White tea is known to be great for maintaining good health and helping to de-wrinkle skin; it also protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Given that many of the anti-aging creams and other cosmetic creams found in the supermarket are not vegan, this is great news!

One other anti-aging cream available online is from Nivea, who, although do not test on animals, some of the products’ ingredients including lanolin, sodium tallowate and beeswax are derived from animals.

But Sainsbury’s is nonetheless upping its vegan beauty game.

Anti-ageing products aside, also available from Sainsbury’s are vegan skincare products by Balance Me, including a ‘Balance Me Natural Skincare Restore Me Set‘ with body wash, body cream, and hand cream.

It’s getting easier to be cruelty-free and beautiful!