Vegan Soap Brand Dr Bronner’s Donates $600,000 to End Animal Suffering

dr. bronner's magic soap

Family owned natural soap brand Dr. Bronner’s is  celebrating World Vegan Day this year with a generous $600,000 donations to stamp out unnecessary animal suffering.

“When I chose to adopt a vegan diet over 20 years ago, I concluded that though I have the capacity to forget, shut down, and not care about my consumption choices, I want to live in compassionate alignment with the vision that what we choose to eat matters,”

“Now, many years later, I’m proud that my family is committing resources over the long-term to take on the terrible plight of factory-farmed animals and to promote more compassionate and sustainable dietary choices,” says David Bronner, (CEO) in the company’s recent press release.

dr. bronner's magic soap

The 100% vegan brand are committed to supporting the protection of farmed animals and even go as far as stating that their efforts are a “core focus of the company’s activism”. And they certainly put their money where their mouth is! So far this year donations have included:

($25,000-$100,000): Compassion Over Killing, Good Food Institute, Humane Society of the United States, and Plant Based Foods Association; International Allies
($50,000-$100,000): Compassion in World Farming USA & Global, Sea Shepherd USA, Germany, & Global; Grassroots
($10,000): Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, The Humane League, Mercy for Animals, and Vegan Outreach; Movement Building and Infrastructure
($5,000-$10,000): Black Vegans Rock, Gentle Barn, Our Hen House, PETA, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Sistah Vegan Project, and VINE Sanctuary; Films and Education
($1,000-$100,000): At the Fork, Eating Animals (via support for Farm Forward), Running for Good, and Vegan Advocacy Initiative.

Eating Animals may sound familiar to you if you read about the recent news of Natalie Portman‘s upcoming documentary which is focused on the impacts animal agriculture has on our environment and the animals themselves.

“Whether it’s plant-based food advocacy, legislative wins to ban the worst practices, or working with major corporations on policies to eliminate factory farm products, all are necessary to create the type of world where society views farm animals with mercy and respect, rather than inanimate objects to be used as we wish,” says Josh Balk, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the United States.

By the end of the year, Dr. Bronner’s will have donated over $600,000 to a number of charitable organizations pushing to reduce the suffering of animals and advocating for healthier and more sustainable food systems.