Vegan Society Launches App to Help People on a Vegan Diet Track Nutrition

In celebration of World Vegan Month, The Vegan Society will be releasing a nutrition app to help those following a plant-based diet meet nutrition goals.

The app is called VNutrition and is currently unreleased but available in a beta version. Designed by The Vegan Society Dietitian Heather Russell, the app will allow people to track their food to ensure that they are meeting their daily requirements nutritionally. According to the app’s description, by using it you can ‘Learn how to get your 5-a-day and more with handy diagrams, track your progress via the progress bar, and receive tailored tips to help you reach your dietary goals.

News of the app broke on World Vegan Day (November 1st) which was actually established by The Vegan Society in 1994, 50 years after the society’s inception. The chair of The Vegan Society at the time was unsure of the exact date the group was founded, only that it was in November of 1944. Thus, she chose to name November 1st World Vegan Day and November World Vegan Month.

According to Egypt Today, complimenting this new nutrition app will be a new campaign called ‘Vegan on the Go.’ The aim of this initiative is ‘encourage retailers to provide vegans with more on-the-go type lunch options as a way of firmly establishing veganism as part of mainstream culture.’ 

Image credit: Google Play