Vegan Take Out Service Delivers Delicious, Healthy Treats to South China

Asia has increasingly embraced veganism over the past few years. From plant based supermarkets to vegan eggs and parents creating vegan communities, the movement in Asia is fast growing. The latest of Asia’s vegan-friendly services to be in the spotlight is Go Vegan, a take-out service in South China.

Go Vegan offers a range of ingredients, and freshly made meals and beverages to people in South China, with on-demand takeaway available for those living in Guangzhou every day from 11:30am – 7:30pm. Go Vegan’s products are created to be nutritious and satisfy as well as tasty. You can grab items such as Chocolate Hemp Protein Bites, Millet Cheesecake, wraps, chocolate milk and even healthy, vegan snickers!

The continent is set to be a major player in the global vegan movement as at present it is driving demand for animal products from other countries. This is largely due to the fact that many people across the continent have experienced significant growth in their personal wealth in recent years which has led them to consume more expensive diets, heavy in meat and dairy.

Exciting options from the likes of Go Vegan and Hong Kong’s Green Common give consumers the option to spend their money on exciting food products that don’t rely on animal products.

Image credit: That’s Mag | Go Vegan