11 Vegan Statistics from 2017, The Best Year for Veganism So Far

2017, what a year it has been – especially for veganism. As we head into the new year, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s happened in the past 365 days, and get excited for what’s to come in 2018.

To help you celebrate a very vegan 2017, here are 11 vegan statistics that show how far the movement has come in the past 12 months.

11 Vegan Statistics from 2017, The Best Year for Veganism So Far

Demand for Vegan Food Has Spiked by 140%

Food manufacturer Neilson broke the news earlier this year that the demand for vegan food products has seen a huge increase, with the plant based food sector being valued in August at $5 billion.

Vegetarianism Rises by 400% in Portugal with 60,000 Claiming to be Vegan

Just 10 years ago, there were only 30,000 vegetarians in Portugal, but according to a report from The Portugal News, there are now quadruple that number and 60,000 people say they are completely vegan. Nice one, Portugal!

Sales of Vegan Dishes at Zizzi Skyrocket by 246% in One Year

Apparently, we’ve all gone Zizzi crazy this year, but it’s no surprise as the Italian chain was one of the first in the UK to offer cheesy vegan pizza. According to reports, Zizzi’s vegan pizza sales increased by a huge 104% in the past year!

Vegan Market in China Predicted to Rise by 17% Between 2015 and 2020

This statistic may seem a little modest in comparison to others, but it’s still fantastic news. Due to the growth of personal wealth, China is one of many Asian countries that are demanding more animal products and an increasingly westernised diet. Currently, Asian countries have to import much of their meat due to a lack of arable land, meaning that a switch to veganism could have a dramatic impact on the world’s meat market.

Demand for Vegan and Vegetarian Food Increase by 987% in 2017

The delivery service, Just Eat, recently released statistics concerning the food orders it had received from its massive customer base of 20 million. According to the Mirror, there was a 987% increase in the demand for vegetarian options in 2017.

People in the UK are Now Eating 50% Less Beef

That’s right, apparently, the UK has fallen out of love with beef. At the same time, sales of soya and ‘other novel protein products’ are significantly increasing, a trend which is expected to continue into 2020.

Vegan Alternatives Make Up 40% of New ‘Dairy’ Style Products

Even dairy products don’t contain dairy anymore. The rise in the number of these products has been attributed torising interest in the health potential of plant-based diets.’

UK’s Vegan Meat Market to Grow 25% Within the Next 4 Years

It looks like the UK are replacing beef with faux meat. In fact, meat-free options are popping up in supermarkets everywhere with Waitrose even stocking products from a vegetarian ‘butcher’!

Nearly 50% of Americans Support a Ban on Slaughterhouses

If you’re wondering just why the American vegan market is shooting up, it’s probably due to animal welfare concerns. Despite the fact that more than 50% of Americans continue to eat meat, it seems that they would be more than happy if the option wasn’t there at all.

Vegans are ‘By Far the Sexiest’ with 62% More Online Dating Messages

Being vegan might just get you those ‘swipe right’s according to a recent study. Just two years ago, admitting you were vegetarian or vegan on a dating site actually reduced your chances of getting messages, but it seems those looking for love are into something a little different these days. You’ll be ordering that vegan pizza for two before you know it.

40% of Consumers are Trying to Include More Vegan Foods into Every Meal

40% of Consumers Want Plant-Based Foods at Every Meal

According to a recent global survey conducted by Neilsen, consumers are looking to get veggie at meal times. With the sales of products like tofu and jackfruit going through the roof, it seems that we’re falling in love with vegan alternatives.

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