17 Christmas Stocking Fillers to Buy for Your Vegan Friends

The holiday season is upon us! While your vegan loved ones will surely appreciate whatever you do for them, here are 17 ideas to help fill that stocking.

17 Stocking Fillers to Buy Your Vegan Friends

1. For the Funny Friend

This tiny plant pet is the ideal gift for your avocado-loving pals who have a sense of humour. It also comes as a bean or tofu!

2. For the Foodie Friend

Cookie dough in a tub? And it’s vegan? Just give me a spoon and leave the room, thanks.

3. For the Friend Who Loves to Cook

Vegan for Everybody by America’s Test Kitchen is sure to be an earmarked go-to for anyone who loves to eat.

4. For the Quirky Friend

Let them know they’re your favourite herbivore with these heartwarming necklaces.

5. For the Page-Flipping Friend

A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. With frequent deliveries, your friend will be reminded every month of how great you are at gift-giving.

6. For the Bath Bomb-Obsessed Friend

These bath bombs come in Christmas themes: Mulled Wine, Mulled Apple Cider, Irish Cream, Chocolate, and Champagne. No animal products were used in their making.

7. For the Friend Who is Always Cold

There are so many great slogans to choose from, but some stand-out options include ‘Don’t Kale My Vibe’, ‘Vegan From My Head Tomatoes’ and ‘Soy to the World’.

8. For the Friend that Loves Cheese

This vegan cheese cookbook is breaking the stereotype that vegans have to miss out on anything.

9. For the Fashionable Friend

Pins! Put them on your bags, jackets, shirts, pets (okay, maybe not your pets). Find some here.

10. For the Philosophical Friend

This book looks at some of the things vegans frequently hear. Thought-provoking and humorous, this present is great for the plant-eaters in your life who roll their eyes at every cliche thrown their way.

11. For the Friend Who Likes to Try New Things

Kombucha is thought to improve immune and digestive health. Whether your pal is already obsessed with this stuff, or they just like trying out new things, this kombucha brewing kit is a present they won’t forget.

12. For the Friend Who Loves Sweet Things

A gift basket of baked goods is sure to give them a full heart and a full tummy.

13. For the Sassy Vegan Friend

This shirt speaks for itself. Check it out here.

14. For the Friend Who Loves Chocolate

These vegan chocolates can be personalised to make them that extra bit special.

15. For the Friend Who Loves Christmas

Let them be reminded of Christmas all year round! These candles come in a variety of Christmassy scents, including Toasted Marshmallow, Silent Night and Gingerbread. All are made completely free of animal products.

16. For the Arty Friend

These inventive art diagrams come in a variety of animals. They’re a sure-fire way to put a smile on any vegan’s face.

17. Don’t forget the card!

Nothing quite says “You appreciate vegetables and I appreciate you” like a vegan-themed card.

Happy Holidays!


Image Credit: Mitch via Flickr