This Vegan Strawberry Jam Is Loaded With Cannabis

This Vegan Strawberry Jam Is Loaded With Cannabis

Thanks to Firebox, you can now enjoy a respectable wake and bake session.

The brand’s vegan Ganjam is basically “strawberry jam with a twist.” Spread it on your toast, drizzle it on your porridge, or spoon it straight out of the jar, whatever your preference, this cannabis jam could be your new morning go-to.

Don’t panic if like most of the world’s population it’s not acceptable for you to rock up to work or school high, the jam is THC-free and won’t get you stoned. It does, however, include hemp seed oil from the cannabis sativa plant, which will leave you “feeling good rather than funky,” says Firebox.

“Kicking off your morning with a fat spliff is generally frowned upon, unfortunately. But you could definitely get away with a cheeky spreading of this delicious strawberry jam,” the brand notes.

The Benefits of Hemp

Hemp seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals and can improve health

It adds, hemp seeds are exceptionally nutritious and rich in healthy fats, protein, and various minerals. And we all know strawberries are good for your soul. It’s basically better for you than a salad!”

As more brands and consumers discover the health benefits of the plant-based ingredient, hemp is enjoying a moment; you can now buy everything from hemp facial oils to milk to creamy liqueur.

According to Medical News Today, as well as healthy fats, minerals, and protein, hemp seeds are rich in fiber and a number of vitamins. It notes that they can boost heart health, protect the brain, provide relief from various skin conditions, and potentially even help the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Vegan Spreadables

If cannabis just isn’t your jam (pun intended), Firebox offers a few different spreadable alternatives.

Try Spreadable Gin (which won’t give you a hangover and goes “very well in a cucumber sandwich”), Spreadable Coffee (the “tastiest way to get your caffeine fix”), or even Spreadable Whisky or Spreadable Rum.

“Step aside, Marmite. Be gone, Nutella. And don’t even contemplate hanging around, peanut butter. You’ve all been replaced,” says Firebox.

Firebox’s Spreadable range is available from its website now.