This Vegan Strawberry Pie Tastes Just Like Summer

This Vegan Strawberry Pie Tastes Just Like Summer

This strawberry pie is impossible to resist. It’s beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Our homemade strawberry jam gives it a bright red color and a delicious strawberry flavor. It’s easy to make, fragrant, sweet, aromatic, and fruity. And best of all, it’s completely vegan. Taste it! You won’t believe it.

This strawberry pie recipe is basically a classic Italian crostata that is very easy to do and is made without eggs, without butter, without milk, and without any animal-based ingredients. Yes, this is a 100% vegan strawberry pie that is much healthier than the traditional recipe, but still completely delicious!

The base is made with a simple vegan shortcrust pastry. It’s fragrant, light, aromatic, and made with a few simple ingredients. For the filling, we used our homemade strawberry jam, but you can totally use your favorite homemade or store-bought jam. We love the combination of the bright red of the jam with the golden shortcrust pastry. The result is a pie that everyone will absolutely fall in love with. Keep in mind, for this recipe, you will need a rolling pin and a pie dish with a removable base. Here’s a break down of the recipe’s ingredients:

For pies, we recommend all-purpose flour. Is less refined than cake flour and it is light enough. If you’d like a healthier pie you can go for semi-wholegrain flour, but your pie will be heavier. We use unrefined sugar, but any sugar will work here. Sunflower and coconut vegetable oils will replace the butter of the original shortcrust pastry. While still fat, they are a lot healthier than butter and eggs. Try to use a mix between sunflower oil and coconut oil. If you want a neutral flavor, go for refined sunflower oil and refined coconut oil.

Using very cold water in this recipe is the perfect substitute for milk. Use orange zest to add some aroma to the base. Lemon and lime work too. Citrus enhances the strawberry flavor. We recommend organic since you will eat the zest. You can use any vanilla extract. It goes well with the strawberry flavor. Baking powder will help make the pie fragrant. And we like to make our own homemade strawberry jam. It’s super easy to make. You can use any other jam, homemade or store-bought. Just make sure it’s not too runny.


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This recipe was republished with permission from The Plant-Based School.