The Easiest Vegan Sunday Morning French Toast Recipe

The Easiest Vegan Sunday Morning French Toast Recipe

Breakfast is served with this easy-to-make vegan French toast recipe.

I’m actually really surprised at how well this recipe turned out. I’m still not sure if I would say it tastes the same, but it does taste good! In Maddy’s words: “This is better than the real stuff.” We have no problems eating good quality soy or tofu. But in the future, I think I want to experiment with a soy-free option as well for those who can’t have soy or choose to avoid it. In the meantime, if you are not opposed to soy, please try out this recipe. It is delicious! I also tried out my homemade vegan butter on the frying pan for the first time with this recipe.

I used apricots for the recipe but honestly, you can top your French toast with whatever you like. This is now going to be a regular weekend brunch for us because Maddy just could not get enough.

The recipe makes quite a lot of batter for the toast. So it is perfect if you’re making lots of French toast for lots of people. Or in my case, when you’re cooking for Maddy, and he can’t get enough of it (I still had a fair bit leftover). But feel free to adjust the measurements if you’re only cooking for a few. Hope you enjoy the recipe.


Additional Recipes

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Or, you can try making this decadent truffled vegan mushrooms on toast. The gourmet truffle cream laced with caramelized onions with grilled mushrooms on toast can be served alongside a fresh spring salad. Share it or enjoy it all to yourself.

This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel and Cacao.