Vegan Sunflower Meat Launches at Holland & Barrett

Vegan Sunflower Meat Launches at Holland & Barrett

UK health food chain Holland & Barrett now sells plant-based sunflower meat.

Just Wholefoods — known for its animal-free organic gummy sweets called Vegebears — is the creator of vegan sunflower mince. The brand also produces organic vegan sausage mix, burger mix, and custard.

Organic Sunflower Mince is free from soy and gluten and is high in protein, containing more per gram than animal-based meat. Sainsbury’s Beef Mince contains 20.3 grams of protein per 100 grams, while Just Wholefoods’ sunflower version offers 51 grams.

The only ingredient is organic sunflower protein. To prepare the meat, consumers soak the Sunflower Mince in warm water or stock for 10 minutes and then drain it.

“This mince alternative is packed with fibre and protein and is under 60 calories per serving. There’s also the fact that it tastes great and is just perfect for all your hearty dishes – chilli sin carne, lasagne, stuffed peppers, the possibilities are endless…” Just Wholefoods writes online.

The product is not just for vegans. Nadia Morse, Company Director of Just Wholefoods, told Natural Products, “Just Wholefoods offers inclusive, plant-based food choices that are suitable for everyone. This includes vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and the veggie curious who are looking for options that not only fit in with their busy lives but also deliver nutritionally.”

Vegan Sunflower Meat Launches at Holland & Barrett
This vegan mince is made with sunflower protein | image: justwholefoods/Instagram

“That’s why we are so excited about our vegan and Organic Sunflower Mince: it’s easy to prepare, packed with protein and fibre, and unlike other meat alternatives, low in salt and made without soya,” she added.

Praise From the Experts

The vegan product has been praised by “MasterChef” winner Phil Vickery and presenter Adam Henson at the Food Glorious Food competition. Following this, 52 Midcounties stores across Gloucestershire committed to stocking the product.

The sunflower meat was then a finalist at the Natural & Organic Products Showcase where Just Wholefoods pitched it to Holland & Barrett, landing a deal with the retailer.

Holland & Barrett has been increasingly leaning toward vegan products, including cruelty-free beauty items and chilled plant-based food. Last year, the health food giant said it would introduce 500 new vegan products.