Vegan Surf Camp for All Ages Opens in South of France

Vegan Surf Camp on the southwest coast of France is set to open next month for the summer season.

Located near the beach in Moliets-Page, and organized by French non-profit L’Amour de la Terre, the camp offers its guests many opportunities. Surfing lessons, cooking workshops, yoga classes, and the chance to trek in the nearby forest are just some of the activities campers can get involved in – all whilst fuelled by the plant-based food on offer at the campsite.

Each day, a large organic buffet breakfast will be served, made up of various fruits, porridges, and bread with condiments. However, guests can also opt for the camps’ Japanese style breakfast, which consists of miso soup with soft rice and pickles. A large, buffet style dinner is also offered as well as sandwiches for lunch. All food served at the camp is made with “vegan, organic, local and seasonal products with a minimum impact on the environment,” according to its website.

Furthermore, the camp welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. “Our aim is to gather people from all over the world and create an exchange about veganism, the environment, animal rights, sustainability, and ethical correctness in order to build a fun global vegan network,” the surf camp’s president, Inje Stopschinkski, told VegNews.

The aim of L’Amour de la Terre’s camp is to spread knowledge of a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle, whilst engaging guests with outdoor activities that put them in touch with nature. “[L’Amour de la Terre’s] aim is to spread an ecological know-how and to share information about a healthy vegan and organic diet, natural agriculture, and living in harmony with the Earth” the Vegan Surf Camp website notes. “In order to prove that we can improve our quality of living thanks to natural products and ecological thinking combined with activities such as Surf and Yoga.”

Guests can opt to stay in a tent or a mobile home and prices vary depending on age and accommodation choice. All prices are based on a week-long stay. You can find out more about how to book your stay here.

Image Credit: Vegan Surf Camp