Vegan Black Rice Sushi Wrap Added to Morrisons Meal Deal Range

Like many popular supermarkets in the UK such as Tesco and Sainsburys, the country-wide favorite ‘meal deal’ usually includes a sandwich, crisps or a snack and a soft drink. But now, in an effort to introduce more ‘exotic’ foods to their selection, Morrisons has rolled out a new assortment of ready-to-go convenience foods inspired by foreign cuisine.

Sian Ayling, Morrisons Meal Deal Buyer said: “Customers have told us they want all lunch items included in our meal deal. They also want more exciting foods, such as those they’ve eaten in restaurants or on holiday.”

The British supermarket giant has revamped their lunch-time options perhaps not specifically with vegans in mind as their new ‘premium’ range will also include chicken and beef sandwiches however their latest black rice sushi wrap will be entirely free from animal products. Hurrah!

At present, a typical fish sushi selection is priced at £3 alone so not only will the vegan sushi wrap work out just as affordable, you’ll also have the freedom to pair it with a fruit shaker or crisps and a drink at no extra cost. More fish in the sea and more pennies in your pocket – what’s not to love about that?

The range is said to also include other artisan sandwiches however none have been announced as vegan-friendly. Until Morrisons catch on, remember you can still get your hands on a range of delicious vegan sarnies right on the high street — From Starbucks and Pret a Manger to M&S and even the Co-Op.

Image Credit: Tales of a Kitchen