Vegan Sushi Wins Over New York Times’ Famed Food Critic

sushi roll

In the words of Ocean Hugger Foods, ‘Seafood is awesome, extinction is not.’

The company is on a voyage to create viable, nutritious and tasty alternatives to seafood with ACF Certified Master Chef, James Corwell, at the helm. The initiative began at a fish market in Tokyo where Corwell observed the huge amounts of tuna being sold each day.

He began to question how our oceans could cope with this level of demand and decided to take matters into his own hands. Corwell has since created a new fish-like plant based protein that would satisfy even an old salty sea dogs tum, or maybe just that of a New York Times’ famed food critic. No big deal.

NYT Critic, Florence Fabricant, states the creation may just win you over as Corwell and his team have successfully ‘nailed the color and texture of tuna.’

Named Ahimi, the vegan tuna is the first product from Ocean Hugger Foods and is a taste of more to come. The company is currently working on delicious new alternatives to Salmon and Eel. Ahimi manages to mimic the taste of the popular raw fish used for Japanese Sushi with ingredients such as Roma tomatoes, soy sauce and sesame oil.

So next time you feel a craving for a California roll or nigiri on your lunch break, maybe consider following the advice of Fabricant and get stuck into the plant-based alternative.

It is currently available from Whole Foods counters in Manhattan, Brooklyn and some stores in LA.