New Vegan Taco Restaurant ‘Tacotarian’ to Launch in Las Vegas

A brand new vegan taco restaurant, “Tacotarian,” is hoping to open its doors in Las Vegas by the end of July. Located in Spring Valley’s Lyden Square retail center, the new 1,440 square foot plant-based eatery intends to “turn Vegas vegan one taco at a time.”

The menu includes the Al Pastor taco, with seitan, pineapple, avocado cream, onions, and cilantro; the Barbacoa, with jackfruit, onions, and cilantro; the Avocado Baja, with beer battered avocado, cilantro, and lime slaw; and the Chorizo, with soy chorizo, mashed potato, and pico. Other options include enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, and nachos, all served with a choice of vegan meat and dairy-free “cheeze.” For dessert, diners can choose from churros or a Mexican Popsicle, and to wash it all down, vegan craft beers are available.

Tacotarian is your friendly neighborhood vegan taco shop, serving up the largest selection of vegan tacos in the universe,” the restaurant’s website notes.

In recent months, Las Vegas has become more and more vegan-friendly. In early June, it was reported that “Cafe No Fur” had opened for business, offering vegan macarons, croissants, ice cream, brownies, and more. The servers, according to Vegans, Baby, are “scantily clad” for reasons that are closely connected to animal welfare. “Our servers serve showing their skin and supporting the ‘no fur’ movement. We are beautiful in our own skin and we hope that vegans and non-vegans alike can draw that connection,” said owner Kevin Chan.

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant also recently launched in the city, serving a mix of Chinese food and sushi. The menu includes plant-based versions of tuna, eel, salmon, and eel sauce. “My new menu is what people are looking for,” owner Kenny Chye told Vegans, Baby. “When it’s a hot day, sushi is good. A cold day, Chinese cooking is good.” 

Vegans, Baby is the go-to resource for many vegans visiting or living in Las Vegas. In May, founder Diana Edelman wrote for LIVEKINDLY“there are so many dedicated people in [Las Vegas] who want vegan life to become more accessible — from vegan festival organizers to new vegan restaurants to those who convert their restaurants into vegan ones.” She continued, “It’s because of the demand — the many voices asking for ethical, sustainable, and deliciously healthy vegan food.” 

Image Credit: Tacotarian