Vegan ‘Tacos for Peace’ at Iowa City Trumpet Blossom Cafe Support Hurricane Florence Affected Farm Animals

Vegan 'Tacos for Peace' at Iowa City Trumpet Blossom Cafe Support Florida's Hurricane Affected Farm Animals

Trumpet Blossom, the only completely vegan cafe in Iowa City, Iowa, is not only kind to the animals with its cruelty-free cuisine, but through its “Tacos for Peace” initiative, it’s kind to people, too.

Through Tacos for Peace, the small organic cafe aims to support its local community. Writing on its website, the business notes, “We feel that as a local business with continued community support, we have a duty to help others.” 

On the last Tuesday of every month, the cafe hosts a fundraiser for a cause in the community. Each event, as the name suggests, features a vegan taco special offer with 20 percent of the profits donated to the cause. Since the initiative began in December 2016, the monthly fundraiser has donated over $4,000 to local nonprofit organizations that are helping to create positive community change. “We can’t do it all,” the business notes. “But we can do our part.”

In the past, Trumpet Blossom has supported Iowa Farm Sanctuary, the Emma Goldman Clinic, and the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition, three important local organizations that help the animals, women, and drug users respectively.

On the whole, Tacos for Peace remains local with its causes. However, after Hurricane Florence recently caused havoc in Florida, leaving many people, pets, and farm animals devastated in its wake, the cafe knew it had to help those affected.

This month’s fundraiser will support “A Well-Fed World,” a hunger relief and animal protection organization operating in Florida. According to Trumpet Blossom’s owner, Katy Meyer, A Well-Fed World is a “tremendous organization,” which is currently attempting to help the farm animals, in particular, impacted by the hurricane.

“According to their website, all donations are being matched up to $25,000,” she told Little Village Mag. “When I read this news and realized we were looking for a September Tacos for Peace beneficiary, I knew we had to break the ‘local-only’ rule.” She added, “I hope [customers will] understand and support us in our efforts to help those affected rebuild these invaluable places and continue to care for these beautiful sentient beings.”

Tacos for Peace: A Well-Fed World will be held on Tuesday, September 25.

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