These Vegan Tarts Are Filled With Dark Chocolate Custard

These Vegan Tarts Are Filled With Dark Chocolate Custard

Craving a tasty treat for dessert? Look no further than these mini tarts. This vegan dessert is filled with decadent dark chocolate custard.

Since hearing someone say that they don’t like raw vegan treats because they are too coconutty, I wanted to take up the challenge of creating a raw vegan dessert that didn’t involve any coconut. It did surprise me how very few of the desserts I have made in the past didn’t use coconut. So challenge accepted. In the process, I also came up with an amazing chocolate vegan custard that has perfect consistency.

I’m more excited about this than the whole vegan dessert because I have tried so many vegan custard recipes before. And I have always struggled with getting the right consistency. No, it is not authentic, but it is delicious! I can’t wait to try out the vegan custard with other desserts. I also love the fact that Australian pomegranates are in season! They just taste so, so much better than the imported ones. I couldn’t wait to come up with a vegan dessert recipe where I could showcase them. I am going to be so sad when the pomegranate season is over. I must make the most of it now while I still can. Hope you enjoy these vegan tarts as much as I do!


Additional Recipes

If you liked my mini vegan tarts, try making my vegan macadamia white chocolate slices with raspberries! This delectable recipe features a base of macadamia nuts, Medjool dates, and desiccated coconut. This is covered in a delicious filling made of cacao butter, macadamia butter, coconut oil, raw cashews, vanilla extract, and agave syrup. Garnish with raspberries and chopped pistachios to taste.

For a hearty dinner recipe, try making my vegan lentil shepherd’s pie. This recipe features a nourishing lentil layer made with lentils, brown onion, celery, frozen mixed veggies, veggie stock, thyme, and salt and pepper to taste. The mashed potato topping can easily be whipped up with potatoes, vegan butter, soy milk, salt and pepper, and parlesy for a garnish. Enjoy!

This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel and Cacao.

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