Luxury Vegan Thai Curry Kit Range Arrives at Aldi

In direct competition with some big brand names, Aldi UK has announced that it is releasing its very own curry kit that allows customers to make Thai curries with fresh ingredients, without having to make everything from scratch.

The kits, which come in two flavours, Thai Red and Thai Green curry, are entirely gluten free and vegan-friendly. Similar kits can be bought at Waitrose and Sainsburys from brands like Blue Dragon and Thai Taste, coming in at between £2.55 and £2.75. However, Aldi’s version costs just £1.39.

According to Coventry Telegraph, the kits ‘use real ingredients such as fresh chillies, onion and lemongrass.’ These delicious new kits from Aldi will allow families to make healthier food choices, without the hassle or the big price tag.

Managing director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK has commented ‘The new Aldi CREATE Thai Green and Red Curry Kits are perfect for our customers who want to eat delicious home cooked meals, but simply don’t have the time to spend prepping and cooking dishes,’ reports Coventry Telegraph.

The kits can be paired with Aldi’s Asia Specialities Coconut Milk, which also appears on Aldi’s vegan-friendly list, and a mix of veggies for a perfect week-night meal.

Image credit: Coventry Telegraph