Vegan Tiki Restaurant, the No Bones Beach Club, Expands to Chicago

Seattle-based No Bones Beach Club, a thriving, vegan restaurant with (you guessed it), a beachy flair, is making a big expansion. According to a recent Instagram post, the business will be heading to Chicago — a place already boasting a powerful vegan community.

In the post, the restaurant wrote: “If you haven’t heard the exciting news… WE ARE EXPANDING!! Do we have any followers in Chicago?

The foodie web magazine Eater ranked No Bones Beach Club as one of the top restaurants in Seattle for 2016. The restaurant is well known for its delicious eats which please vegans and non-vegans alike, as well as signature cocktails and mixed drinks that can make you feel like you’re on a hot vacation — even in rainy Seattle or freezing Chicago.

The brand is more than just good food, though. Among many things, it’s three-dimensionally vegan, bringing more to the table than plant-based, animal-free foods. The website explains, “Our mission is to serve you great food that makes a difference. So each month we donate a percentage of our proceeds to a local animal rescue.” The list of donation recipients includes a variety of non-profits like Wolf Haven, Seattle Area Feline RescueZazu’s House Parrot Sanctuary, Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW, New Moon Goat Sanctuary, and more.

No Bones Beach Club will surely be welcomed in Chicago.

Image Credit: No Bones Beach Club