Vegan Tofu Poke Bowl With Avocado and All the Greens

Vegan Tofu Poke Bowl With Avocado and All the Greens

This is a recipe-but-not-really recipe for this Avocado Tofu Poke Bowl. It’s a vegan take on the Hawaiian Poke Bowl, typically made with raw fish, and makes for a fresh, vibrant, and light meal. After I shared this photo on Instagram, there were so many requests for a “recipe” so that’s exactly what I have for you!

With this recipe, I highly recommend you play around and modify as you see fit. The ingredients don’t matter too much, except for a few key flavour makers which I’ll call out. If a specific ingredient I used doesn’t appeal to you, or perhaps isn’t accessible to you, feel free to swap it out for another similar ingredient.

The beauty of poke bowls is that you can really make them with whatever you have on hand. In fact, my original Instagram post was inspired by my winter trip to Thailand, during which my family ate many poke bowls. The little spot we went to was a customizable poke bowl spot, so each day we had different ingredients in our bowls and it never got old.

The primary 2 ingredients I’d recommend not swapping out are seaweed salad and nori sheets. Seaweed salad is typically seasoned with sesame oil and other ingredients that really add a Japanese flavour to the bowl. Nori, of course, does the same, and also adds a “fishy” flavour to the bowl without the use of fish.

The rest are really up to you, but I’d recommend sticking with veggies like shiitake mushrooms, okra, and other Asian veggies. For the base, you can play around with adding brown rice, using different kinds of salad greens, or even swapping for quinoa/other grains. Like I said, you can really tweak this to suit your taste!

Poke bowls are just as easy as Buddha bowls or nourish bowls, because the idea is just to chop things up and toss them in a bowl. If you’re in a rush, or just want to get rid of random ingredients in your fridge, this is a great “recipe” to opt for.

Vegan Tofu Poke Bowl With Avocado and All the Greens


This recipe was republished with permission from Remy Park / Veggiekins Blog.