Vegan Tuna Substitute Debuts in Canada’s Plant Based Capital


The first ever vegan ‘tuna’ in Canada has just hit Vancouver – found at none other than Westcoast Poké (located at 463 West 8th Avenue). Westcoast poke are not fully vegan, but the Hawaiian restaurant is veg-friendly – especially after this latest menu addition!

This vegan tuna is named “ahimi”, the world’s closest alternative to ahi tuna (raw tuna) thus far – Ocean Hugger Foods produces this groundbreaking ‘meat’. Ahimi tuna is made from merely 5 plant based ingredients (tomatoes, water, soy sauce, sugar, and sesame oil), the tomatoes provide the appearance of raw tuna. Unlike raw fish, this option is free from mercury, PCB’s and other toxic chemicals.

Expecting mothers, pre and post-natal women, those worried about overfishing and human disruption to natural ecosystems – plus general fish aficionados, can all enjoy this tasty ‘tuna’, without risking the adverse effects that eating uncooked fish poses to their bodies and our Earth.

Aptly, the slogan of Ocean Hugger Foods is “Seafood is awesome. Extinction is not.” – The company is even OceanWise-certified.

Before now, Ahimi tuna was only available at Whole Foods Markets in New York (the city where Ocean Hugger Foods are based) and Los Angeles. However, Ocean Hugger Foods’ vegan ‘raw tuna’ is expected to roll out at more Canadian eateries soon.

Zachary Cho, the co-founder of Westcoast Poke spoke about the eatery’s choice to bring Ahimi to Canada. “When I first tried it, it blew my mind how realistic it was. If I didn’t tell you [it wasn’t tuna], and gave you a poke bowl, you would never know. Even people who aren’t vegan or vegetarian will love it.”


Image Credit: Ocean Hugger Foods | Westcoast Poke