Vegan Tuna Company to Expand Distribution to Schools and Corporate Cafes

Vegan Tuna Rolls

Vegan tuna, known as “Ahimi,” developed by Ocean Hugger Foods, is going to roll out across college campuses and in corporate business cafes. The company has partnered with Aramark, a provider of food, uniforms, and facilities to educational institutions, hospitals, businesses and stadiums around the globe, in a bid to expand its distribution.

Roma tomatoes, soy sauce, and sesame oil are some of the ingredients used to make the vegan tuna — the world’s first ever alternative to raw tuna fish used to make sushi. Founder of Ocean Hugger Foods, James Corwell, developed the product after he took a trip to a fish market in Tokyo.  The chef witnessed “two football-field sized warehouses full of tuna sold in one morning,” prompting him to ask the question, “how can the oceans ever keep up?” The answer, the company states on its website, is that they can’t. So – “Ahimi” was born.

Vegan Tuna Nigiri

Since its creation, the tuna alternative has received rave reviews. “Picky eaters, vegetarians, and vegans rejoice: fish-less tuna is here, and it’s going to turn your world upside down,” stated the Huffington Post. “I tried a few pieces of the product and it’s convincing. The texture and look are spot-on,” observed The Daily Beast. “A friend could not tell the difference between [Ahimi] and raw fish.” Ocean Hugger’s carrot-based alternative to salmon, named “Sakimi”, and an eggplant version of eel, named “Unami”, are both set to be released this year.

Aramark has partnered with Ocean Hugger Foods following the announcement of its new healthy living initiative: Healthy for Life 20 by 20. Aramark aims to “empower Americans to make better food choices…by reducing calories, saturated fat and sodium levels by twenty percent, and increasing fruits, vegetables and whole grains by twenty percent.”

The Impossible Burger, vegan nachos, and vegan cauliflower cheesesteaks are just some meat and dairy-free options Aramark is bringing to U.S. ballpark stadiums for the upcoming baseball season.