Vegan Twix Bars 3 Ways: Choose Your Own Chocolate Adventure

vegan twix bar dupe

Is it Halloween yet? One of the best parts about our favorite sweet holiday is the candy, including crunchy, caramel-rich Twix. But Twix aren’t plant-based, so we knew we had to make a dupe. Whether you’re making an indulgent treat to accompany your Halloween movie marathon, filling a jack-o-lantern for the neighborhood kids, or just feeling the need for this nostalgic flashback to being a kid, this recipe hits the spot.

Bake a crispy shortbread cookie layer, top it with delicious golden caramel, and coat it all in rich vegan plant milk chocolate. But really, it’s a choose-your-own-adventure. You can use dark or vegan white chocolate to coat this Twix bars dupe, and it’s a situation of the more, the merrier. Why not make all three?

Vegan Twix Bar Dupe
Coat your vegan Twix bars with your choice of chocolate | Ivy Miller @GoGuacYourself