Vegan White Chocolate Horns With Dairy-Free Cream

Vegan White Chocolate Horns With Dairy-Free Cream

Here I bring you one of the easiest tastiest fanciest looking pastries.

I absolutely love these! they are so easy to make and people are always so impressed with them. Heck, I impress myself with them. They normally require a special cone-shaped mold, but you can totally hack this by shaping some aluminium foil into a cone shape, and results are nothing less than awesome!

For this recipe I’m using a store bought puff pastry, because as previously mentioned we want to make this quick and easy and puff pastry takes a long time to make. (It’s not cheating it’s optimizing (so I tell myself). You could totally use a homemade vegan pastry and it would be rather cathartic to do so. The recipe will all that much more homemade and impressive.

I haven’t used a homemade pastry in this recipe because, more often than not, I’m in a hurry to make these before guests come over and prefer to spend time on lovingly preparing the main. Homemade or store-bought pastry, essentially, doesn’t make too much of a difference to the flavor. It may shift your pride over the dish though – bear that in mind.

For the whipped topping I use a vegan whipping cream, however if you don’t have that available you may use coconut cream or vegan canned whipped cream.

With this recipe, I’ve used store-bought vegan white chocolate. See the common theme here? I really went the easy baking route. But as always, if you have a great recipe for homemade vegan white chocolate (it may even be better than the amply-sweet store-bought kind!), go ahead and use it.

While this is a super easy recipe (if you take the easy way like me!), you will need a couple of hours to let the cream cool down before whipping it, so keep that in mind before you start.

So, let’s get to the most exciting part, bar eating these cream horns, the cooking!


This recipe was republished with permission from What About Cake.