This Vegan White Chocolate ‘Nutella’ Spread Is Now at Ocado

This Vegan White Chocolate ‘Nutella’ Spread Is Now at Ocado

In case you hadn’t heard, Ocado stocks vegan white chocolate Nutella-style spread.

The almond spread — which is also stocked on Amazon — is made by Italian brand Probios. The company is Italy’s leading distributor of vegetarian foods, according to its website. It offers a wide range of plant-based foods, including pasta, pasta sauces, oils, and fruit bars.

“Probios, the Italian leader in the distribution of vegetarian organic foods, has been promoting the cultivation of raw materials with respect for humans [and] nature for over 35 years,” says the company’s website.

Its almond white chocolate spread, offered under its “Go Vegan” range of products, is a hit with customers.

One Ocado shopper labeled the product the “best spread ever.” They wrote in a review, “this is so delicious. White chocolate has always been my favorite kind of chocolate but few vegan white chocolate offerings have the creamy richness that I used to love. This really hits the spot. I love it.”

Another added, “I have been looking for this spread everywhere and am so happy that Ocado now stock it. It’s delicious and the glass jar can be used as a drinking glass afterward, bonus!”

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Vegan Lotus Biscoff and Go Pots Just Launched In the UK
You can now buy vegan Biscoff & Go spread pots in the UK

Probios isn’t the only brand to offer vegan Nutella-style spread. Last year, Vego — a German vegan chocolate company known for its creamy vegan hazelnut chocolate bars — launched its own nutty dairy-free spread.

Lotus Biscoff-lovers can also get their hands on a spread version of the iconic cookie.
Earlier this year, the European brand launched its Biscoff & Go snack packs in the UK. The snack — which contains no artificial colors or flavors — allows consumers to dip miniature breadsticks into a pot of vegan Lotus Biscoff cookie butter spread.

“We are delighted to introduce Biscoff & Go in the UK, so that our consumers can enjoy the taste of Lotus Biscoff anytime, anywhere and in a handy ‘dunk and go’ format,” said Frances Booth, the category marketing manager for Lotus Bakeries, in a statement.

They continued, “Biscoff & Go is the perfect snack and another way in which retailers can benefit from the nation’s continued obsession with the unique caramelized flavor of Lotus Biscoff.”